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Indian tribal paintings possess an inimitable sensitivity, as tribal folks possess a passionate awareness, massively varying from the urbanised population. India presents before the world perhaps as sunny a field as any solitary country in the world pregnant with a perfect specimen of all the minute varieties of Oriental life; of Oriental scenery, Oriental nations and Oriental manners, and it is open to the globe to explore these peculiarities to the last degree while enjoying perfectly European security. And tribal paintings cater to such Orientalism, inexhaustible charisma of the “others”; a perfect expression of their life redrawing their passion and mystery.

Tribal painting is the mirror of the energy of the respective art of various tribal groups. It is a living and changing art form, which changes with time, necessity, environment, memories, global influences and experiences of these people.

Warli Paintings

Warli paintings come from the Warlis tribe principally found in “Thane” district in the state of
Maharashtra. The theme of Warli painting is not mythological but rather activities of daily life like hunting, harvesting, dancing and sowing.

Santhal painting

Santhal Paintings have its origin that dates back to pre- aryan period . They are drawn by a special community called Jadu Patua or magic painters in the Santhal Paragana district of Bengal/Bihar borders. These paintings cover simple themes like wedding, harvest, music and daily rituals.

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