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Rotolining is a technique that allows chemically modified polyethylene & various materials to bond with metals to line metal vessels, chemical storage tanks, carbon steel pipes, and fittings.

Rotolining is a unique process that has recently seen significant advantages in part complexity and material performance. This technique allows for a seamless polymer internal lining to be applied to the interior surface of metal structures. The use of high-performance thermoplastics in Rotolining assures that this process will continue to grow and be accepted as an industry standard.

In the rotolining process, a granular resin that acts as an internal coating is placed inside the structure to be lined and all openings are covered. The structure is heated while simultaneously being rotated about two axis. The resin melts and flows evenly over the entire inner surface of the structure, bonding to the metal substrate. Once cooled, the result is monolithic corrosion and chemical resistant lining that conforms to complex shapes and is virtually free of stresses.

Some of its major industrial applications include—

Saline Water Handling Systems

Oil & Gas Sector

Ballast Water

Water-Based Fire Fighting Systems

Water Treatment Plants

Chemicals Sector

Acid Tanker & Vessels

Reactors & Receivers

Transmission lines

Critical Spares Replacement

The rotational lining is a technology that allows us to bond a uniform, seamless polymer layer to the interior of virtually any metallic structure, regardless of shape and complexity. It is mainly used by Oil and Gas industry, water treatment, ship building & maintenance, thermal power plants, MEP contractors, thermal power plants, and more.

Polycon Gulf Ltd is part of Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises LLC, a prominent Industrial Group with manufacturing activities spanning diverse verticals like Steel, Polymers, Fabrication, and Industrial intermediates. They are highly recognized for being the only company in the UAE to offer Roto / Polymer Lining for Corrosion Protection. Reach out to them for the complete durability of your vessels.



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