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Powder coating provides a high-quality and durable finish, made of pigments, resins, as well as other fillers. The dry coating is typically applied to a ground metal and it is then dried in an oven for curing. The coating is becoming more popular and can be found in a variety of applications like pypkote tape and app waterproofing membrane. Coating Systems serves many industries and applications of powder coating which are common to all one.

Industries That Use Powder Coating


Powder coatings are applied on farm equipment that receives high use in order to improve its long-term durability and resistance to wear and wear and tear. The dry coating like pypkote tape can be applied to any pieces of equipment such as tractors and ploughs, to smaller ordinary tools like shovels and tillers. The coating may also function as a paint that can only be applied one time, giving an even appearance to every piece of equipment utilised across the farm.


Coating Systems provides powder coating services for engine components frames for vehicles, engine components, and manufacturing equipment. Coatings for the automotive industry need to be durable and resistant to heat to ensure that they function under the conditions that are found in the engine. The coating may extend the life of a vehicle and the equipment used to make it.


Powder coatings are typically applied to steel components that are exposed or cold, UV radiations, and other corrosive conditions. The dry coating and app waterproofing membrane lasts longer than conventional wet paint , and requires only one application. It's especially useful in commercial structures that come into constant interactions with people. Furthermore, powder coating is green, and is now a common trend in the world of architecture.


Coating Systems can increase internal productivity, minimise downtime of machinery and increase the life span for your equipment in the industrial sector. With more than 40 years ‘ experience we'll decide which coating is the most suitable for your machine. There are a variety of coatings for fabricating equipment, powder coating is able to withstand extreme heat and the heavy production that is typical in the manufacturing.


These are the following industries that require coating to protect surfaces and pipes.



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