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I know it is a hard pill to swallow but the truth is our economy is about to get much, much worse before it gets any better. While we all look to the next inflation rate forecast or other indicators of relative economic health, the mechanisms underlying our current global financial crisis continue to go unnoticed. I think it's time we start to pay a little more attention to that man behind the curtain. Keep reading and I'll explain. The Role of Freshwater Bioacoustics In Ecological Research other.


Inflation is actually caused by a devaluation of a nation's currency. While the U.S. dollar has enjoyed the prestigious position of being a world standard, since the early 1970s when the gold standard was removed it has been what is known as a fiat currency.

The devaluation of our dollar is directly related to our national debt. When the Fed buys up the national debt and prints more currency to “cover it” our money loses significant value. 

In the past 10 years our dollar has lost half its purchasing power. Since instituting the privately owned, international bank the Federal Reserve in 1913, we've lost over 96% of it purchasing power.

Take, for example, Argentina. The Argentine peso was tied to the U.S. dollar in 2001. Unable to pay their debt the following year, the U.S. devalued the pesos leading to massive unemployment, poverty and homelessness.  Challenges of Studying the Human Virome – Relevant Emerging Technologies seehere.

These tragedies do not happen by accident. They are orchestrated as a conspiratorial power play against struggling nations. Only today, we are the struggling nation.


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