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infrared therapy light

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infrared therapy light

Infrared, Red And Blue Light Therapy- Know Basic Differences

The non-invasive infrared, red, and blue light therapy uses colored lights at low wavelengths and is safe. It is a non-invasive process, and so it is painless and comfortable. It treats conditions like pain, sleep disorders, depression, and skin issues. Overall, light therapy improves the general health and well-being of the users via non-natural light sources.

Over the past few years, light therapy has become popular, especially among people looking for skincare and wellness. The therapy increases collagen, helps repair cells, and reduces aging signs and wrinkles.

Read on for a better knowledge of Infrared, red, and blue light waves, including their usage and benefits.

Infrared, Red And Blue Light Therapy- The Technical Aspects

First, look at the technical differences between Infrared, red, and blue light therapy.

As you know, light is not white. It’s made of several light components that vary in wavelengths. The red color light has a longer wavelength, while blue has a shorter. Therefore, red color light helps in surface healing, but blue color light penetrates deep inside the skin and heals the skin from the inside.

However, which among Infrared, red, and blue light therapy is more popular among the users is hard to tell. This is because both offer a diverse range of benefits. Consider each light therapy separately for a better understanding of the differences between infrared, red, and blue lights.

About Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy uses a shorter wavelength of red light. This non-invasive process treats skin conditions and promotes skin health.

One significant benefit of red-light therapy is it promotes skin endurance and helps combat aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles notably.

In addition, it also promotes skin health, the healing process, skin glow, and appearance, apart from reducing inflammation. And all of them with no cuts or incisions. Read More “Red Light Therapy Benefits

About Blue Light Therapy

On the other hand, blue light therapy focuses more on skin blemishes, such as scars and acne. The blue light penetrates deep inside the skin and works on the bacteria that cause acne and other issues on the skin.

The non-invasive treatment also reduces breakouts. All in all, this treatment offers clear and glowing skin without using any harsh or harmful chemicals. Click for knowing infrared light therapy at home

Many skincare clinics, oncologists, and dermatologists use this specific therapy in their practices to destroy malignant cells and bacteria.

Infrared Light Therapy

For a clear understanding of red and blue light therapy, you must not confuse it with infrared light therapy. This specific light comes with its unique and a bit longer wavelength and offers significant benefits in pain management, healing, and treating skin conditions. Click for knowing near infrared light therapy

Once again, like others, infrared light therapy is also non-invasive and, therefore, safe, painless, and comfortable. However, it penetrates deeper due to its longer wavelength to enhance healing, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation.

To know more, read the article “Pros & cons of Infrared Light Therapy

Use Cases and Applications

The difference in the wavelengths of the color of light determines their use cases.

For example, people use red light therapy to improve the appearance of their skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production, and expedite the healing process of skin wounds. In addition, it also enhances blood circulation and promotes cell growth. This makes your skin look more vibrant and healthier. Read now best red light therapy devices

In comparison, Blue Light Therapy targets the bacteria by penetrating deep into the skin and treats acne. Overall, it improves the texture by reducing breakout. This makes your skin look smoother and clearer.

Infrared therapy light penetrates further inside the skin tissues and reduces pain and inflammation. It relaxes the muscles and also improves blood flow. This aids in healing and offers relief from discomfort naturally.

Outcome and Outlooks

The outcome of red and blue light therapy is quite near Infrared Light Therapy but is not the same.

Usually, when people go for red light therapy, they know the outcome – reduced aging lines or wrinkles, enhanced skin texture, and faster wound healing.

On the flip side, when they go for blue light therapy, they know it cleanses the skin from the inside and reduces blemishes and acne.

However, individual results vary from one person to another. It usually depends on the current condition, endurance, the process, and the number of sessions.

Also, results will not show overnight. Patience is the key to the success of red and blue light therapy. Results will show over time as it accumulates gradually through the regular sessions.

Remember, red and blue light therapy does not force anything but simply enhances the process of skin healing by harnessing the natural power of your body.

Factors to Consider

Different factors determine the success of infrared, red, and blue light therapy, which is why the outcome varies from one person to another.

For example, your skin type is a significant factor in the success of light therapy. The results of treating oily and susceptible skin differ from those of dry skin, fair skin responds better, and so on. Read more red light therapy lamp

The number and duration of each session also determine the success and results of red and blue light therapy. A higher number of sessions is better, but a longer session is usually not.

Regularity or consistency is an essential factor. Breaks or interruptions in the treatment process misalign the needs of an individual with the treatment process. This affects the outcome adversely and prevents optimal wellness and skincare.

In addition, follow the doctor’s guidelines for faster and better results. Monitor the progress and consult with your doctor. They will modify the treatment process according to your needs to offer optimal results, skin health, and overall wellness. Click now red and blue light therapy

Consult a reliable healthcare professional or dermatologist before undergoing red and blue light therapy. This is very important because they know whether or not the treatment is good for you, depending on your skin condition and needs.

So, talk to them for a more realistic expectation of its results. The healthcare professional is your guide to ensure success and safety while achieving results with minimal or no risks.

Choose the Right Device

Always choose the correct device for light therapy. Buy it from a reliable source and follow the instructions of the manufacturer very carefully. This will eliminate the risks and ensure the full benefits of the therapy. Click now red light therapy machine

In addition to your preferences, budget, and treatment needs, select a light therapy device with the following:

An FDA Registration certification or clearance

Adjustable settings

Higher rating and

Good customer reviews.

Take a look at the wide range of devices before you choose one. Usually, light panels cover a larger area. Choose a handheld device for portability and to reach difficult or smaller areas. 

Make a Routine for Infrared, Red, and Blue Light Therapy

Incorporate red and blue light therapy in your daily skincare routine. It is easy and effective. Follow the session duration and use it regularly for clearer skin with no blemishes. Treat and cure acne from within without any harmful chemicals with blue-light therapy. Read more infrared therapy light

However, consistency is the key to seeing effective results. So, choose a time either in the early morning or evening and dedicate it to light therapy diligently every day.

Use the light therapy device in a calm and quiet place. Also, create an ambiance to promote mood and relaxation during the sessions. Click for knowing red infrared light therapy

Practically, light therapy is more of a habit than a traditional treatment process. Use it properly and regularly, track progress, don’t worry, and be patient to see the results.


Light therapy, whether red, blue, or infrared light therapy, offers significant benefits to the users. It reduces skin scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. It promotes skin health and appearance and also helps in healing wounds.

While blue light penetrates much deeper than red light but less than infrared, treats acne from within, and improves skin texture, red light is equally good for maintaining a clean skin surface.

Infrared light therapy, however, helps pain management in the deep tissues and improves circulation to promote natural healing.

So, explore all or any of these three safe and non-invasive therapies for better skin or pain management, according to your needs.

Use Light Therapy devices, such as the Red Light Therapy torchFX300, and FX500 from the American Wellness Authority store, for a safe and effective product.


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