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At first, emoji was a new concept for us all. It took us time to fully understand what it is or what it meant. But now, they are everywhere, from social media to email apps. In the early days of outlook, it is possible to insert emojis through the Outlook Desktop app and via Google search and symbol method. But now, with everything evolving, it is possible to insert emoji in outlook using keyboard shortcuts and many different ways.

So, here we are, with some different and unique ways to insert your favorite emoji in the Outlook desktop app and web version also. This will surely make your chats more interesting. So, let’s dive straight into this.

Use Emoticons:

We all have used the keyboard characters to send emoticons to people in chat. You can align the characters in a certain order. And boom, you can represent a facial expression that easily. People still use them in text messages or when they don’t have time to go in the emoji to search for them and send them in the chat. It is also useful when the emoji are not available in some of the messaging apps.

To use this emoticon through the keyboard, just use short like these given below:


For your benefit, Microsoft is now creating emoticon keyboard shortcuts that you use when you want to use emoticons.

Now you can enable the emoji panel:

Now with all the upgrades, we have with windows, you can use keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. IN order to activate or display an emoji panel on any chats or given screen you want. Once you activate the emoji panel, you can insert any emoji you want, and it will be like a walk in the park. Moreover, you can add them where ever you want in the OWA or the desktop.

Now to activate the emoji panel on Windows 10 computer, you have to press the following keys, and it will be done easily.

(Win + .)

This will help you search for any emoji you want and then quickly add it to your outlook whenever you want.

Copy from Google Search (On either Desktop and Web App)

We can tell you the best method that we have given is this. You just have to do a quick Google search, and you can find a sea of emojis from which you can choose in contrast to the windows panel, where the option is limited. For using this, all you need to do is type the following things in your Google search:

smiley emoji

hugging face emoji

sleepy face emoji

Now, once you find the emoji you were looking for, just press Ctrl+C by selecting the emoji. Then choose a location where you want to insert the emoji and then press Ctrl+V. The selected emoji will be inserted where ever you want.

You can also Insert Emoji Directly:

So, if you have an Outlook web version, you can easily insert emoji through the emoji panel and insert emoji anywhere you want. But it not possible when you are using the Outlook desktop app. As

this feature is not available for this version on Windows 10.

This is how you can get started:

Firstly, open the Outlook web version and start writing an email.

Secondly, click on the emoji face option available at the bottom bar and then select an emoji.

Lastly, you can also select the option to see all emojis to choose the emoji you like.


Here are some of the best ways to insert emojis in the Outlook Email. Some of these methods won’t allow you to insert emojis in the Subject line. This is where you can use Google search and can do it easily.

Read more – https://blogtechsnews.blogspot.com/2021/08/insert-emoji-in-outlook-desktop-and-web.html


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