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Inspirational Narrative Poetry

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For centuries, poetry has been part of our lives. It is a beautiful form of artwork that has a unique way of making the readers appreciate the world around them. Narrative poetry dates back to one of the earliest forms of poetry, even before the origin of literature. Unlike conventional poetry, it puts a great emphasis on the plot, where the whole story unfolds from the viewpoint of the narrator. Nowadays, poets use this form of poetry as a biography to share their life experiences with the readers. Nikki Murphy's Home For Hurricanes is a beautiful example of some of the best inspirational narrative poetry books.


The narrative style of writing uses sound patterns, imagery, and other literary devices. Readers are able to live the story through the narrator's eyes while meeting the other characters, understanding the plot, and being with the narrator from the beginning to the end. Although the main intent of narrative poetry is to entertain the readers, instead of focusing on the narrator's beliefs and emotions, a biographical narrative also captures some hints of the latter intent.


Blending coming of age with narrative form of art


Coming of age is a genre that wraps the life adventures and experiences of the main character from their childhood to adulthood. Writers of today make a beautiful and dynamic blend of using coming-of-age as a narrative. One of the most common and chief themes in the coming of age stories is to shed light on the heavy battles in the protagonist's life. A majority of the youth faces some sort of conflict in their early years. Whether the battles faced by them are heavy or light, it often leaves behind a traumatic impression. And such trauma is the root cause that makes the main character evolve and finally come of age. And as black people have been subjected to a great deal of racism and trauma, black coming of age stories carry some mention of that traumatic element. A narrative that is also a black coming of age story inspires the reader in learning about the struggle black people have been going through and how they became the people they are today. Through such inspirational narratives, readers are able to cope with their own trauma, irrespective of their color or ethnic origins, and find their own motivation to come of age.

Nikki Murphy’s black coming-of-age inspirational narrative poetry book, Home for Hurricanes: A Memoir of Resilience in Poetry and Prose gives you a glimpse of her hard-fought journey. Through her work, she aims to inspire others to triumph over their own hardships. Home For Hurricanes is the best urban book to read for anyone looking for an inspirational narrative poetry book based in the US. Order a signed copy of Home For Hurricanes book online here.



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