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In this rising period of inflation, electricity prices are also increasing day by day, due to which people are planning to install rooftop solar in their homes to save electricity bills. In such a situation, the government is also encouraging people to install solar in their homes so that they do not face the problem of electricity in the future, for this the government is also giving subsidies on solar installation.

What is Solar Subsidy?

The financial facility given by the government is called subsidy and it is being given to you on the solar system.

What are the benefits of solar subsidy?

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With the financial support given by the government, we can install solar in our houses by spending less.

For example – the cost of a 3 kW solar system is Rs.1,80,000. But, if you take a subsidy on this, then you get the benefit of up to Rs. 72,000. With this, you have to spend only up to Rs.1,10,000 to install a solar system for your home.

Who gets a solar subsidy?

The government is giving solar subsidies only for installation on houses. Some rules have been made for this, which are very important to know:

Ø Solar system should be grid connected.

Ø The name of the consumer should be the same in the electricity connection and house documents.

Ø The electricity meter should be 1 KW or above.

Which solar panel to install?

Monopark bifacial solar panels are the new technology solar panels at the moment. In this, power is generated from both the front and rear. It has the capacity to generate 20 to 30% more electricity than normal solar panels, as well as these panels have the ability to work well even in cold and rainy weather. If you install four such solar panels on the roof of your house, then you will easily get 6-8 units of electricity per day.


If you use electricity by installing solar panels on the roof of your house, then your bill can be negligible. Also, you can earn by selling the remaining electricity to the electricity department.


5kW solar system installs for 2-3 floor homes, restaurants, schools who want to run water pumps, and essential home appliances such as air conditioners with fans, lights, computers, and other equipment.


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