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The most adaptable and dependable renewable energy source now available to humanity is solar energy. As solar prices continue to fall, there are some questions about where to start, who to contact, and how much it will cost to build a rooftop solar power system.

Unfortunately, global warming poses a serious threat to our community and has an impact on the ecosystem globally. For this reason, everyone is scrambling to develop the most widely used renewable technology.

The best Solar System Roof is:

When it comes to installing a rooftop solar system for your home or building, the roof's quality or optimum roof is the most crucial component. The following are some characteristics of the ideal roof:

1) Before a solar system is built, the house owners should take care of any necessary repairs and consider the age and wear and tear of the roofing structure of your home (rooftop type). Additionally, the roof must be strong enough to support installations.

2) Your home must receive enough sunlight (the shadow test) every day of the year and the roof cannot be cast in shade by any sizable objects, such as trees, nearby structures, or other big items. In order to capture the most sunshine during the day, the solar PV panel should face as far south as it can.

Enerquip Solar System's Dimensions are: –

Your building's optimal roof space is accessible, and the size of the rooftop gas geyser in Pakistan that can be installed determines the capacity authorized by the power distribution companies for installation. But sure, any rooftop solar system installation with a size between 1 kW and 10 kW is the appropriate size for an average home.

Your Rooftop Solar System Will Last For: –

For about 25 years, a rooftop solar system may produce clean electricity. But the lifespan of the solar system is crucial for maintaining it. The best thing is that once a used solar system has outlived its usefulness, you can either recycle the parts or reinvest in the project by replacing the items, such as solar panels, and inverters.

Benefits of Solar Rooftop Systems and Solar Rooftops:

Savings on Costs – The tariff quotations for rooftop solar are, respectively, 17% and 27% lower.

Low Maintenance Costs – It only has to be cleaned properly every now and again, which is a simple task that doesn't cost much.

Installing solar panels on your roof will reduce your electricity costs because dwellings are often powered by coal, oil, and natural gas when using a standard electrical connection.

Adapted to the Pakistani environment – India's geographic location makes it ideal for receiving plenty of tropical sunlight and having nearly 300 days with clear sky each year.

Solar rooftop installations don't require any additional room because they are installed on building roofs, not on big plots of land.

Government Assistance – Users of solar systems are eligible for a 5% tax break.


Rooftop solar systems are growing in popularity as a source of electricity, especially in Pakistan, one of the nations with the biggest renewable energy production capacity. In order to save money and the environment, you can choose electric geyser in Pakistan for home solutions with residential solar. If you want to install a solar rooftop system for your home, get in touch with us at enerquip.com.pk.

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