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To do this, follow the process. Each inkjet printer is slightly different; they all do the same basic steps.

Measures to replace the ink in a Canon Pixma printer?

Remove the newspapers in the printer and then turn it on; otherwise, the cartridges will never come out of this printer.

Turn on the printer and start the clip where all the cartridges are located.

Today, the capsules will last for a while and settle in the center of the print area.

Press the mind of the cartridge handle, then gradually take out the ink cartridge.

Try to write down the cartridge information and purchase the same type.

You can also refill the cartridges with ink for those who have which is much easier but be careful when refilling. Do this to reduce leakage problems.

Add the ink cartridge carefully to the opposite of when you eliminate them. Do it lightly, not under pressure.

And today close the lid. And you were done with it.

Now let's see:

Don't hesitate to remove the newspapers from the printer and turn it on. Otherwise, the cartridges will never come out of this printer.

Let it settle, and the capsules will move from left to right in the printer.

It will settle on the right.

Pull up on the capsule holder and gradually remove the ink cartridge.

Insert ink from the cartridge holder

Now close it.

It is quite simple and straightforward. But he will have to understand how to deal with if there is a problem. Here are some tips:

If you cannot find the product name and details, see the documentation that came with your printer or call customer service and information about your printer.

Do not take the printhead out of the house. It should go out automatically when you open the lid or press a button as it may hurt the printer.

Be sure to get the cartridges from the correct manufacturer. They are not compatible with different brands, and often of the same brand. Some cartridges have clips that you can press to eject them from the ink tray.

Make sure how to eliminate it. Pull it at an angle from the hook point, and it may damage it, and we won't be able to get back properly.

Do not eliminate capsules if you do not have ready substitutes. Leaving the printhead unused for too long can dry out, rendering it unusable. Even dust can heat up and get into the printer.

If the previous case applies then check the printer setup. Read more: how to fix g2000 blinking 7 times the ink absorber full error 5b00


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