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Statista states that around 88% of global companies have reported adopting employee managing applications to ease HR activities. Around 40% of HR departments worldwide have been experiencing functionality gaps in employee management.

This employee management software includes conducting different HR activities like time tracking, record keeping, scheduling, and communicating. It is a real-time and automated system that helps in online reporting of work, attendance tracking, and work schedule.

Using modern technologies like ML, AI, and predictive analytics, it helps in the real-time management of employees.

Features of Employee Management Software

Managing Employee Records

With the employee managing system, it helps easy managing your employee register by recording employee details. It helps managing employee profiles and create attendance and timesheets.

With this software, it helps create unlimited groups and add unlimited departments with adding unlimited employees.

Online Shift Management

With employee managing system, manual workforce is shifted completely to the digital one, which offers real-time scheduling of employee shifts. Your managers can monitor employees' attendance by improving performance and approving shift changes. This automated and real-time system facilitates streamlining business operations accordingly.

Real-Time Leave Management

This flexible software facilitates tracking and managing your employees' leaves, vacations, holidays, and bereavements. Using this software, it helps easy application of leaves by ensuring managers in easy approval of leave requests. It also helps users track leave statistics, leave reports, calendars, and employee leaves.

Online Reporting of Work

This software is designed especially for helping employers and clients’ records with tracking and sharing work. It helps easy access of information and provides a convenient way of recording work for managers to monitor and get real-time insights. This tool provides a secure, fast, and reliable way of reporting online work.  

Automating Processing of Timesheet

The disadvantages of manual timesheet processing are time-consuming and is error-prone in nature. By using this automated tool, it helps automatically handling of data and easy processing of timesheets.

Automating Reports Generated from Employee Performance

This tool will offer your insights in getting an idea about the actual employee performance and the performance required at your workplace. With automated tracking of time tool, it helps managers to see the employees spending time on completing tasks.

Benefits of Employee Management Software

Improving Productivity of Staff-Members

This tool enhances the productivity of the staff members. It is about seeing the progress of the employees and also assists in improving the productivity of the employees.  

Eliminating Time Theft

Time theft has been a workplace issue, and it directly impacts business. As a result, it helps improving employee turnover and low levels of enhanced patron satisfaction.

This tool utilizes a time-tracking policy to help employees in better understanding and staying adhere to the expectations of the position. Utilizing staff-time managing software for automatically tracking employee hours and enhancing productivity.

employee management software

Streamlining Work Reporting

Developing employee management software, it helps managers in easy access to information with the inclusion of attendance, meetings, phone calls, etc. It helps in easy tracking of staff’s activity with attendance. It highlights employees who miss meetings consistently, take leaves, and address issues.

Cutting Down Operational Costs

This staff managing tool helps reduce operational costs that are associated with human resources. It helps eliminate manual updating of employee records with the provision of real-time visibility of daily activities. It helps monitor the performance of the employees by reducing error occurrence and improvement of productivity.

Collaboration and Engagement of Staff-Members

With workplace collaboration using this software, it helps improve employee engagement. The staff managing software helps create an environment that helps employees to work effectively and efficiently.

Centralizing Communication

This tool helps provide team communication along with project coordination. It helps easy access to information, and that helps reduce confusion with streamlining workflows. This tool also helps to assign tasks and monitor employee progress. Along with this, this software tool helps maximize the productivity of work and error minimization.

Integrating Software for Small BPO Company

Employee managing software helps address issues by improving optimal services. The essential tasks done by this software for small BPO companies are as follows:

Forecasting Call Volumes

It is important to change the staffing of call centres over time. Seasonal changes help to predict an increase in call volumes, and it also impacts other events that are quite difficult to forecast. It helps analyze trends and facilitates placing employees with the correct set of skills to handle different schedules.

Scheduling Employees

A well-functioning call centre facilitates staff members in addressing customers in an effective way. It facilitates the training of employees, which eventually helps meet patron needs.

Agent Assignments

Optimizing scheduling in call centres helps understand the needs of call centre agents in the right place and time. Your call centre’s employees will appreciate well-designed schedules for acknowledging the business abilities.

Optimizing Training Schedules

After launching the new product, managers need to train the call centre employees to handle issues. The workforce managing tool used in this organization helps to schedule training periods, which helps bring employees to complete training activities.  

Improved Patron Experiences

With the use of this software, it helps optimize operation for handling client needs by minimizing waiting and transferring it to other employees.

Predicting Employee Workloads

With employee interaction, it helps employees to know about the overworked call centre employees and those are not working at all.

Automated and Real-Time Analysis

With this software usage, it helps automating frequent processes, and it helps in shaving-off customer care processes. It also helps in sending alerts to the employees for taking breaks. The platform helps automatically rerouting calls from VIPs to the specified departments and agents, and that helps sending alerts to the employees.

Reduced Costs of Operational Activities

Streamlining operational activities in an automated way helps lower your company's operating costs. As the call volume is low, staff members are able to provide productive tasks and improved skills and knowledge.

Importance of Workforce Managing Tools in Call Centres

Predicting Requirements of Staffing

For enhancing customer experiences, call centres are able to cope-up with massive requests. With using a workforce managing tool, it helps predict call surges that are likely to occur and are organizing agents’ schedules.

Promoting Staff Effectiveness

For measuring effectiveness, contact centres help set service level objectives. The organization is completely productive if employees are not following break times and attendance protocols. In real-time, this software helps evaluate performance and implementing necessary changes to improve the efficiency of the employees.

Saving Operational Costs

While matching your demand and supply, staffing is being tailored in the call centre. It helps managing your company’s human resources and also better utilizing of facilities. Agent scheduling is done during downtimes to increase operational costs.

Keeping Track of Remote Workers

The agents of your call centre help operate customer support service providers for employees in remote working. It is a cloud-based program that is easily accessible and deployable with using the internet. It helps increase overall productivity, and that helps providing agents with flexibility. It helps in easily monitoring and evaluating the business performances.

Standardizing Workforce Planning

With using this software, it is a centralized place to oversee the processes. It also adds good access to the operational activities and also people-related data. It also helps make holistic decisions to improve your call centre’s performance and improvement of your agent’s performance.


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