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With its unconventional Nexon in the sub-4m SUV segment, Tata broke the mold! Tata's best-selling model, the Nexon, has been among the top best-selling compact SUVs for several months at this point. Although the Tata Nexon requires no introduction and you may already be familiar with many aspects of it, here are ten features that you may not have known this vehicle ever had. These Tata Nexon features that are interesting will be covered in this article. Visit PPS Tata Showroom  in Chennai to directly witness the features of Tata Nexon.

Find My Car

When you park your car in a crowded lot and lose track of where you left it, this feature is helpful. You can do this by simultaneously pressing the lock and unlock buttons. The vehicle would begin to beep, and the indicator would begin to flash. You can locate your automobile with ease if you do it this way. The “Follow-Me-Headlamps” button can also be used to locate your vehicle silently.

Speed-dependent Music Volume

NVH levels will inevitably rise as the speed of the vehicle increases. Sometimes background noise causes the music you are listening to fade out. You can enable the “Speed-dependent Music Volume” feature provided by Tata Nexon in the infotainment system. With this, you may adjust the music level according to your Nexon's speed.

What is so special about Tata Nexon?

Xpress Cool is one of the special features of Tata Nexon. This is a clever feature that Tata Motors specifically created for the weather in India. The inside of your automobile will undoubtedly be warm if you park it outside in the sweltering sun. The driver-side window is fully closed and the blower is set to full speed while using the Xpress Cool option. This improves airflow and hastens the cooling of the cabin. Get to know more while you walk into PPS Tata Dealers Chennai.

Is Nexon a 5 star?

The first automobile built in India to receive the much sought-after 5-star Tata Nexon Safety Rating from the Global NCAP. The government conducted a crash test on the Nexon, and the SUV received a 5-star rating after receiving 16.06 out of a possible 17 points in the category for protecting adult occupants. Tata Nexon mileage ranges from 16.3 to 22 kilometres per litre. Nexon Diesel's mileage goes from 21.1 kmpl to 22 kmpl, while Nexon Petrol's ranges from 16.3 kmpl to 17.5 kmpl.


DRL should always be turned on for enhanced security. On the other hand, if you wish to turn off the DRL, you can do so by quickly turning the headlight switch twice.


What do people buy Nexon?

The primary USP for Nexon in its market is cabin comfort. The Nexon's suspension is expertly calibrated to smooth out jolts on rough roads. Even the seats are cozy and provide decent lumbar support and under-thigh support. Authorized Tata Showrooms Chennai can help you better understand the reasons to purchase Nexon while differentiating the features among its variants.

Key Indicator Warning

There's a potential that you'll carry your key in a hurry without turning off the car. To remind the driver to bring the key within the ECU's range, the vehicle displays a warning message that reads “key out of range” on the instrument cluster and even beeps.

12V Charging Point

On the C pillar, the Tata Nexon receives a 12V charging port (left side). Although it is a little odd to locate a charging station here, second-row passengers may find it useful. Devices that you can keep in the boot can be powered by the charging port.

Cornering Fog lamps

The direction you move the steering wheel corresponds to the fog lamps on the lower side of the bumper. For those who travel on motorways or in steep terrain with tight turns, this feature is particularly helpful.

Warning: Seat Belt Reminder and Open Door

In other cars, you typically hear a beeping sound if you haven't buckled up or if the door isn't locked all the way. On the other hand, Nexon reminds you to secure your seatbelt and lock the car doors correctly by beeping and sending you a voice message.

Is Nexon Costly to maintain?

The Nexon is completely worthwhile. Customers can feel secure using the car because of the low maintenance requirements and durability of the vehicle and its parts. Nexon is the best SUV produced by Tata.

Second Row Seats

The second row of seats in the Nexon is foldable. The back of the second row folds flat once the bench reclines toward the back of the first row. When the seats are folded, a flat bottom and more boot room are provided (while the parcel tray is removed).


As can be seen, Tata Motors' well-executed strategy, which includes a number of special benefits, is what led to the success of Tata Nexon. One of the major benefits has been Tata Nexon Price, which makes it appear much more alluring when compared to its competitors. PPS Tata Dealer in Chennai provides the best experience while you purchase Tata Nexon as you compare and decide the desired variant among its range.



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