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Let us first understand what ‘facing bricks' are. Facing bricks are those main bricks that cover the outermost layer of a building. These bricks are not covered with plaster or cement but are left like that as if exposed to nature, to give that crude and natural look to the building. Only high quality bricks are used for this purpose since they guard the building against adverse weather conditions and also, they have to be sturdy. However, if you are willing to know more about the facing bricks then here are some interesting facts about them.

Intended visibility

The facing bricks are made and installed with the purpose to be visible. The ones who happen to see them for the first time would think that the mason has forgotten to put a coating. But the ones who know the bricks quite well need no explanation. These facing bricks are engineered with the sole intention of remaining uncoated whenever and wherever they are installed. Herein lies their very essence.

Types of facing bricks

Not one but you get several options to choose from. Some of the most preferred facing bricks are:

  • Extruded bricks 

  • Stock bricks

  • Arch bricks

  • Waterstruck bricks

  • Engineering bricks

Noted benefits

  • Visually pleasing

The facing bricks are aesthetically pleasing and look grand and elegant with the least bit of effort. All that has to be done is that they must be placed in the right order or a pattern. 

  • Looks both modern and traditional

Many want the right blend of modern architecture and a traditional feel. What else can be a better choice when you have the facing bricks to choose from? 

  • Fire-resistant

The facing bricks are tenacious and this is what makes them fire-resistant. The bricks are thick and are made under a soaring temperature that makes them capable of sustaining a fire. 

  • Eco-friendly

Totally safe and environmentally friendly, the facing bricks cause no health or environmental hazards. Since they are made with natural substances like clay, sand, lime, etc. the bricks are totally toxin-free.

  • Cost-effective

Going by their looks and all the other benefits that the facing bricks offer, their price is quite nominal. Moreover, with the multi-faceted advantages and owing to their sustainability, these bricks are a great investment for the present and the future.

The brown and rust coloured bricks look amazing and take you back to a timeless era. You need not toil hard to work on its looks or think even harder of a fitting design to make these facing bricks look better. This is because their very appearance instantly appeals to the eyes.


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