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Lakeland Terriers have rectangular heads and an intense, impish expression. They have v-shaped ears and docked tails, too. These double-coated dogs are covered with hard and thick topcoats, which let them roam around thorny fields with no worries, as well as dense undercoats that serve as insulation in the snow, hail, rain, and sleet in the place where they came from. Generally, these dogs are best described as alert dogs who always seem to stand on tiptoes.

These cheerful, highly energetic pups have the traits of any terrier— determined and willful. Despite these, Lakeland Terriers' owners are always taken aback by their natural intelligence, humor, and charm. Although generally confident and courageous, this breed can behave properly around children and fellow pups. But when it comes to strangers, they tend to be reserved. As with most terriers, Lakies may chase small animals, so it's best to provide early socialization, especially around cats and smaller animals.

Take your pet to your vet Apple Valley, MN for regular health and dental checks.


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