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Interesting Manchester Terriers

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Manchester Terriers are highly intelligent, spirited, cunning, and fast learners. As terriers, they're naturally lively, independent, alert, sporty, and faithful. With their devoted and discerning character, Manchester Terriers make excellent watchdogs and loyal friends.

Manchester Terriers may be the Standard or Toy variety in Canada and the US. Meanwhile, these two sizes are identified as separate breeds in England where the breed originated– Manchester Terriers and the English Toy.

The ears of a Manchester Terrier are an important determinants for the breed’s official standard.  The American standard states that the ears of the English Toys must be erect and not cropped. Meanwhile, Standards can have naturally erect, button, or cropped ears.

Both varieties, however, have striking personalities. These loyal pups aren't too demanding, but they crave attention. Despite that, they are not the type of dogs who will beg or paw just to get your attention.

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