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The quality of firewood plays a crucial role when it comes to making the most out of your supplies. After all, if the firewood doesn’t burn well, produce smoke, or doesn’t create desired heat, there is no meaning of using it, and it also wastes your money. And not to forget the troubles caused by smoke. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right firewood so that you can enjoy your fireplace.

Whether you use firewood for furnace, camping, or fireplace, understanding the firewood is essential as it can help you save money and effort. It becomes convenient when you know which type of wood is good for burning. Firewood experience should be fun, comfortable, and convenient. However, poor quality firewood can ruin your experience. 

There are several options for Herefordshire firewood supplies in the market. Let’s have a look at some FAQs so that you can make an informed decision about your firewood. 

  • What type of firewood is good for burning?

One of the first things to be considered is how old the wood is. Freshly cut wood is moisture-laden, and it is not good for burning. You need seasoned wood that is dry and has no or minimal moisture levels. If you buy freshly cut firewood, you will need at least two years for drying them. Therefore, buying seasoned wood is a better choice. 

  • What is kiln dried firewood? Are they better than seasoned ones?

Kiln drying is a process that reduces the moisture content of the wood and makes it suitable for burning. Unseasoned wood is not the best kind of wood for burning as it is moisture laden. Also, it is not environmentally friendly as a lot of energy is released during combustion. On the other hand, seasoned logs have much low moisture content. However, kiln-dried wood is better than naturally seasoned firewood. Kiln drying reduces 50-60% of moisture from unseasoned woods.

  • What are the benefits of using kiln dried firewood?

The kiln-dried firewood is easy to burn and quick to light the fire. It also burns hotter and longer without producing a lot of smoke. It also means that lesser wood is required as it burns efficiently. The kiln-dried woods are of great advantage for heaters, fireplaces, and stoves as they need lesser attention and offer better and cleaner burns.

  • Which types of wood should be avoided for the fireplace?

You must avoid softwood for burning as it can be risky. Pine, spruce, poplar, and cypress are eligible to be firewood, but they burn quickly. The smoke emission is too much, and it can lead to excessive build-up of ash or soot.

  • Why should green pieces of wood be avoided for burning?

Though green wood is available at cheaper price, they should be avoided as they are full of moisture. When you burn them, they begin to vaporize, and the combination of heat along with other gases will create ash or bad creosote. This will further harden and form tar over the chimney. This will be the same for the furnace and stove. The substance can be hazardous if inhaled for a long.

  • How to identify the unseasoned wooden logs?

The unseasoned logs have no cracks, which makes them bubble up when burnt. Also, they don’t make a hollow sound when you bang them against the wall. Fresh wood will also have no cracks. Due to excess moisture, the bark is attached, and this is what creates a lot of smoke.

  • What are the characteristics of seasoned and dry wood?

You should look for cracks or marks at the end of the log’s grain as it is an indication of dryness. You can also use a moisture meter for testing. In case you don’t wish to buy a meter, look for other characteristics such as well. Dry wood is much lighter than fresh wood. The colour of the dry wood is grey, black, dark yellowish instead of the light brown, white, cream colour of fresh wood.

  • What is the right way to stack firewood at home?

It is better to stack your firewood in an open area like your backyard. Keep the logs in separate rows in such a way that woods are exposed to air and sun. Keep them in a closed area only when it’s raining. Place them a few inches above the ground as the ground can make wood rot faster, and there is a risk of moulds.

Along with the above-mentioned information, it is important to get your Herefordshire firewood supplies from a local brand. This helps in easy and quick transportation, and you can inquire about the quality and reputation of the brand before you proceed ahead. Always look for a reliable supplier for top quality firewood.


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