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Interferential therapy: Tips for Effective Treatment

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Physiotherapy is an important area of medical science that deals with the movement and pain of joints and muscles. It includes fixing joint pain of hands, legs, shoulder, thighs, and back. To nurse such aches there are several methods, among them includes IFT machine.


Interferential therapy is one of the most effective forms of electrotherapy in the world of chronic pain. This treatment is much more effective than TENS and any other subsequent treatments.

The IFT machine has been increased in popularity to the point that it is perhaps the most widely used form of electricity. The machine was first developed in Europe, where its unique form of stimulation has been utilized for numerous features since the 1950s.



What’s Interferential Therapy?

IFT offers electrotherapy for the management of chronic, post-traumatic, and post-surgical pain. This treatment has gained popularity because of its pain-free, drug-free and non-invasive way of healing. Applying it every day can offer improved results. You can even take IFT treatment at home at an affordable cost.


IFT is used for Treating:

  • Joint Injuries
  • Knee Pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-surgical
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Back/neck/ shoulder injuries


How IFT works?

IFT machine delivers continuous stimulation deep into the affected tissue. The stimulation blocks the pain and reduces swelling and inflammation which causes pain. It provides deep penetration by using a 4000Hz carrier wave to overcome skin resistance.


The poles work by putting two signals into the tissue at slightly different frequencies. When the two crossovers, they produce a lower frequency which is known as therapeutic current. But practically, therapists commonly use moveable electrodes to hunt for the best electrode positions.

Doing so at home without any supervision can be an issue if you are applying the therapy for the first time. Therefore it is advised to use the machine in front of a professional who can apply the current to the actual affected areas.

Previously, the machine used analog circuits and was limited to a waveform. Now, the latest version has been using a 4000Hz carrier.

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Let’s learn about the frequencies:

  • 2Hz: this frequency stimulates metencephalons resulting in short-term pain relief.
  • 10Hz: this frequency is beneficial to the immune system that tends to make patients wakeful yet relaxed.
  • 130Hz: this frequency stimulates endorphins and results in long-term pain relief.
  • 1-100Hz: this frequency sweep will increase the inflammatory rate.
  • 45-90Hz: this frequency will reduce the sympathetic nervous system allowing increased activity of the parasympathetic system and blood supply.


What does the Treatment Includes?

You might be wondering what TENS Machine considers as a part of the whole treatment. Here are the parts of it.

  • Exercises to stretch injured muscles
  • Move stiff joints
  • Strengthen muscle groups to support the joints.

Your physiotherapist will advise you accordingly. Especially, stiff muscles are hard to deal with, hence it is important you perform exercises under a professionally trained person.


How to Operate the IFT Machine?

This therapy is mostly given to a person having neck pain, backache, knee, shoulder pain. At the beginning of the Physiotherapy machine connect the AC power adapter on the bottom of the unit or insert the battery. Place the electrodes to the affected area. Press the M> and M< for selecting the right modes. Now click on the Settings button to change the parameters of adjustable modes. You can adjust the programmers by + and – buttons. Adjust the intensity of the treatment by pressing CH1 or CH2 controls.

And to avoid any accidental damages click on the lock button on the side.


Who is Eligible for the Treatment?

Patients having any issue related to pain like inflammation or swelling can use this muscle stimulator machineUsing this therapy will provide instant relief to the patient. This therapy also helps in restoring lost moments and helps in improving their movement.

The machine also helps in stimulating natural body hormones that trigger certain organs and heal the pain quicker. It is considered effective when only performed under expert physicians for the first time.

IFT is also used in the sports medicine field, for athletes who get sudden pain due to heavy exercise. It is helpful when it comes to recovering quickly. But, those who are below 12 years can go this therapy only if it is prescribed by a doctor.


Not Eligible for the Treatment?

The treatment is not eligible for athletes during the endurance training, it is applicable only after the training. It cannot be given to any pregnant woman, as it may cause harm to the child. This method is not used in any muscle regaining strategy. Generally, children who are below 12 are not eligible for this therapy.





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