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Internet gambling advertisements in the Netherlands may be banned

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According to local casino news media, online casinos in the Netherlands have led to an increase in TV and Internet gambling advertising. Operators also spent more on marketing than in any other area. Check out the analysis of politicians and scientists in the article.

Last Thursday, the House of Representatives decided to ask the government to ban “targetless advertising for dangerous games of chance” on TV and the Internet. Justice Minister Sander Decker responded to the proposal. He is convinced that a ban like this is still too early.

Online gambling in the Netherlands was allowed in October 2021. Since then, the gambling regulator has licensed 11 casinos. Gambling ads have been approved to persuade illegal website users to start gambling on legitimate casino sites. 경마사이트

Television and radio were introduced as the leading advertising platform (from the time limit of 21:00), and the main goal was to transform more than 80% of our customers into a legitimate online gambling market.

From October to November 2020, gambling ads were tallied by 170066. During the same period, there were 93819 gambling ads and 272812 online gambling ads in 2021.

Holland Casino and Toto spent a lot of money on marketing. If we talk about all 11 licensed casinos, the total marketing cost is over 23 million euros.

According to local media, 88% of gambling ads are posted on websites or social networks without time limits, such as TV and radio, and the House of Representatives wants to ban all gambling ads on the Internet.

Decker expected an increase in problem gamblers for non-regulatory rules for gambling advertising. Gambling advertising will increase in 2022, according to forecasts. The media's analysis of gambling ads (October–November 2021) reported that the Internet was dominant (322712), followed by TV (32982), and others (10937).


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