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Introducing BISON PERFORMANCE — OE Quality Aftermarket Parts at Affordable Prices

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We’re excited to announce that eEuroparts.com ® is now offering BISON PERFORMANCE parts in our catalogBISON PERFORMANCE is a US-owned and operated aftermarket parts brand that specializes in suspension and steering components for a wide range of makes and models. 

Their current lineup of products includes parts for various car brands, including many European ones. Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of the eEuroparts.com ® family and run you through their product range! 

OE Quality in An Aftermarket Package 

BISON PERFORMANCE is a new brand founded by a team of experienced industry professionals who wanted to bring OE quality to the aftermarket segment. 

Cheap aftermarket parts are rarely any good, especially when it comes to steering tie rods and similar components. In contrast, OEM parts — although superior in quality — are often priced in a way that is out of reach for a whole segment of the market. 

BISON PERFORMANCE is positioned somewhere in between. This brand has found a way to bridge the gap between the two market segments, offering OE quality at affordable prices. To do this, they’ve utilized a combination of smart engineering and quality materials sourced from some of the best suppliers around the world. 

The result is a set of products that check all the right boxes. With BISON PERFORMANCE, you’re getting a quality product that is durable, reliable, and refined. And you’re getting it at a price point that is difficult to beat. Check the entire range of BISON PERFORMANCE parts that match your car. Sure, there are cheaper alternatives out there, but rarely do any come close in terms of the quality that is offered here. 

Steering Tie Rods, Tie Rod Ends, and More! 

BISON PERFORMANCE is run by industry professionals who insist on developing a product until it perfectly matches the company’s philosophy of ‘quality first’ and their motto — BUILT STRONG. 

Instead of stretching the resources to introduce as many product types as possible, this brand has decided to focus its efforts on developing several polished offerings. As of right now, the BISON PERFORMANCE catalog includes the following: 

By clicking on the links above, you can find BISON PERFORMANCE parts for your car. Let’s go over each and discuss what kind of performance and durability they bring to the table. 

Ball Joints 

Ball joints are an essential component of any suspension and steering system. They allow the steering knuckle to freely move along different axes as you steer the car.

A quality ball joint can make a world of difference in terms of handling, but also comfort. BISON PERFORMANCE Ball Joints are specifically designed and built to allow your steering knuckle to move as freely, all while ensuring that any movement is as smooth as possible. 

The team over at BISON PERFORMANCE understands that the key to building a good ball joint is eliminating any weak points in the design. Just like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a ball joint is only as strong as its weakest part.

That’s why BISON PERFORMANCE Ball Joints feature quality components that were specially designed, built, and tested under real-world conditions to ensure OE levels of quality. Here’s a breakdown of different design solutions implemented in these ball joints. 

Starting from the inside out, the ball stud is made of 5140 high-carbon alloy structural steel. This exceptionally strong steel blank is CNC machined to form the ball stud shape and eliminate most, if not all surface roughness. The stud is then coated in high-performance grease and installed in a DuPont™ Delrin® acetal ball bearing. 

The combination of DuPont™’s advanced materials and meticulous BISON PERFORMANCE molding processes results in a ball joint that is buttery smooth.

However, none of that matters much if there’s nothing to keep the dirt and debris from getting in between the stud and the bearing. That’s where the CR Elastomer dust cover comes in. This molded piece of high-grade rubber is designed to keep the grease on the inside and everything else on the outside. 

Then, to add one more layer of protection, they use a pre-stressed steel retaining ring to hold that boot in place, thus preventing anything from getting in between the dust cover and the ball stud. 

Steering Tie Rods 

Steering tie rods are all about durability and consistency. If either of these two things is missing, you’re looking at all kinds of alignment issues, or worse! 

BISON PERFORMANCE Steering Tie Rods bring consistency you can rely on in a very durable package. They’ve used a combination of advanced CNC machining and high-quality micro-alloy steel to build a joint housing that is light yet capable of handling years of exposure to the elements. 

The rest of the tie rod is no different as far as quality goes. BISON PERFORMANCE has gone above and beyond to produce a stud that features extremely low surface roughness. Add to that some quality grease and a high-performance DuPont™ Delrin® acetal resin bearing, and you’ve got yourself a joint that will outperform most of the aftermarket competition in terms of longevity and range of motion. 

The nut, which is what you use to set the alignment, is made of grade 10 high-tensile steel. To say that it can take a beating would be an understatement. Grade 10 steel meets the OEM standards of most manufacturers out there. You don’t always see that type of quality in an aftermarket product. 

Tie Rod Ends 

Tie rod ends are a part of the steering system that takes the brunt of the abuse during the lifetime of a vehicle. On top of that, this piece of the steering system has a massive impact on the type of feedback you get on the steering wheel. BISON PERFORMANCE Tie Rod Ends are designed to ensure crisp and precise steering, all while soaking up whatever impacts or vibrations make their way up from the road surface. 

BISON PERFORMANCE Tie Rod Ends consist of the rod itself and a ball joint, which we’ve already discussed above. The moment you pick one of these tie rod ends out of the box, you can tell that it was designed and built by people who understand what makes a good, premium product.

Control Arms

Control arms, whether upper or lower ones represent a large part of what makes the front suspension work. BISON PERFORMANCE Suspension Control Arms come in many flavors, depending on the vehicle application. Some are made of premium quality high-carbon steel, while others are entirely made of aluminum. 

The former is known for its inherent high tensile strength and is further enhanced using an electrophoretic dip coating finish that provides an additional layer of protection against corrosion. 

Their aluminum features similar properties. All BISON PERFORMANCE aluminum products are made of 6000 series aluminum alloys, which have outstanding anti-corrosive properties in addition to high strength. 6000 series aluminum alloys are standard in the automotive industry and are used in most OE parts. 

Some suspension control arms come complete with BISON PERFORMANCE Ball Joints. Others feature this brand’s improved bushing design that brings computer-controlled injection molding and advanced vulcanization techniques. On top of that, the bushings are pressed in using massive servo-controlled pressing parks. That way all BISON PERFORMANCE Bushings deliver uniform performance. 

Stabilizer Bar Links

In comparison to control arms, stabilizer bar links aren’t as important. Yet, this tiny suspension component makes all the difference when it goes out. BISON PERFORMANCE Stabilizer Bar Links are a great alternative to a Genuine or OE option. 

Built using high-quality steel alloys, these sway bar links can take a lot of abuse as is. However, all steel products offered by this brand undergo an electrophoretic dip coating treatment that further improves their ability to withstand exposure to road salts and other factors. 

Depending on the design of the stabilizer bar link, it either comes with one of their ball joints or one of their premium bushings. 

Lateral Arm

Last but not least, there are the BISON PERFORMANCE Lateral Arms. Similar to stabilizer bar links, their lateral arms use a combination of steel and aluminum, depending on the application. The stock material used to make these products is of the same quality as the rest of the product range — in other words, the same high-carbon steel or 6000 series aluminum alloy. 

Depending on vehicle fitment and design, their lateral arms will come with one or more bushings or ball joints. Both of these feature the same technologies as seen on other products. By installing BISON PERFORMANCE Lateral Arms, you’ll tighten up your suspension with OE quality parts that you can get for much cheaper than usual OE prices.  

Bison Preservation Efforts

Bison in BISON PERFORMANCE is there for a very good reason. This majestic animal represents everything this company is trying to build into its products — it’s strong, resilient, and powerful yet composed. The Bison once roamed lands west of the Rockies only to be pushed to the edge of extinction. 

The team behind BISON PERFORMANCE has made it their mission to bring back the Bison and help repopulate the herds all across the main Bison habitats. They are actively involved in Bison preservation efforts with 2% of all sales going to American Bison preservation initiatives.

Get BISON PERFORMANCE Products at eEuroparts.com ®

Here at eEuroparts.com ®, we only work with brands that we truly believe in. BISON PERFORMANCE is a US-owned and operated company that is all about the two things that should define any American business — the pursuit of quality and unconditional care for the creatures we share this great country with. 

Because of that, we highly recommend BISON PERFORMANCE parts to all our customers who share these values.



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