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Introducing the Benchmade Mini SOCP Dagger Trainer

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It's a straightforward skeletonized dagger trainer with a ring on top of the handle, designed to be used with either hand and while simultaneously drawing a gun. The 173 Mini SOCP dagger trainer, which is a newer, smaller version has been given careful consideration for the evaluation by TFB. The style is extremely close to the original, and it features a Plain Double-edge Dagger trainer shielded by a tough injection moulded plastic sheath.

Following are two Benchmade SOCPs: the original SOCP with partial serration and the mini SOCP. 


The dagger's shorter blade is the biggest modification,  making it more convenient to carry and hide. Do you really need the longer blade, though? For the primary use of this knife, I believe the answer is typically no. With the redesigned clip, the sheath remains in position when you draw the knife.  Since the New clip for the mini has the same footprint and screw holes as the sheath of the standard sized SOCP, it appears to be compatible with that sheath. Although I haven't attempted it, I don't see why retrofitting it couldn't work on. 


Additionally the sheath clip is now what it ought to have been from the beginning. The inadequate functionality of the clip was, in.my opinion, the most annoying aspect of the original SOCP dagger trainer. I had to knot my sheath with a paracord to keep it in place because the sheath wasn't actually locked in place as you pulled the dagger trainer. The new clip, which will hold on much more effectively than the previous one and keep the sheath where you want it, is shown below. 


You'll like the leather patch, which makes carrying the mini SOCP within the waistband much more comfortable. The leather patch is included in the package, but whether you choose to screw it on or not is entirely up to you. Once more, this feature ought to be compatible with the typical SOCP. Keep the dagger knife in the centre of your chest if you're wearing a Molle vest so you can access it with both hands. The leather patch's reverse which should face your body. The torch is a surefire defender, however they no longer produce this excellent type. 


Several Benchmade Dagger knives with the fixed infidel in the centre. The incidel is a gorgeous knife that I purchased for my collection purely out of aesthetic consideration. The knife's overall length makes it easier to conceal while still keeping its usefulness for self-defence. 


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