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Introducing What exactly is a prepaid payment card?

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A prepaid payment card is similar to a debit or credit card that you may use as needed. You load money onto your card ahead of time, and it may then be used like a credit card for purchases in stores, online, and cash ATM withdrawals. Prepaid payment cards are most often issued by Visa and MasterCard, which are widely accepted across the world. Money can be put onto the card by cash deposits at banks and post offices, bank transfers, or credit card transactions.

The Prepaid payment cards works just like any other payment card, requiring a PIN code or, in certain cases, a signature to complete the purchase. The money is promptly deducted from the card, and the transaction will be declined if there are insufficient funds. Because you won't be able to overspend, the cards are ideal for budgeting. They are especially handy for individuals who wish to make payments through card but are unable to apply for a credit card or create a current account owing to a poor credit history.

Some of the features of paypoint prepaid card are mentioned below:

  • Load Cash up to Rs. 50,000 per month
  • Through on-line payments up to Rs. 2,00,000
  • Accepted at all POS and online RuPay merchants
  • All purpose card – Shop, Travel booking, Fueling, Bill Payments, Mobile Recharges, E-Commerce and more!
  • Can be used for Offline Spends and Online Spends
  • Balance Check On App & Website
  • Tap & Pay
  • Personalisation of the card. 

Cash withdrawals may incur a fee from card issuers. This can be a percentage of the withdrawal amount or a flat cost each withdrawal, and which is less expensive depends on how frequently and in what quantities you withdraw.

You may be charged for purchasing the card or replacing it if it is lost or stolen. There may also be loading fees if you want to add additional money to your card. Different providers and cards have different terms, so double-check before you commit. You should also be aware that, unlike most current accounts, any money placed onto your card will not accrue interest.

Among the several prepaid payment card providers, one of the most reliable is paypoint prepaid card. They offer the best paypoint debit card, paypoint credit card which can assist you in doing flight, travel, petrol, hotel bookings without any hassle. The PayPoint platform empowers 64,000+ retailer entrepreneurs to earn a livelihood as they further 120+ services to the grassroots of India. From the first service provider, for collecting Bill Payments on their behalf, to having India’s major service providers across numerous verticals on the platform, the company at its core works to make every service and convenience available to the Indian consumer, right until the last mile of the country.

You can start almost immediately with a very small investment. With multiple device options you can choose the right one to serve your specific users. They also have a dedicated regional, limit, support and technology desks which provide you with all the assistance you need to manage and grow your ticketing business. It also shares detailed training material that you can access any time.



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