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If there’s one common element in all the best Android phones available in the market, it is the presence of Qualcomm’s chipsets. These chipsets are a priority while launching a flagship device, and it solidified the same in 2020.

Everyone’s familiar with the expectations from a Qualcomm chipset; however, Snapdragon 765 has just arrived. The best part is that it delivers the same experience and performance as a Qualcomm 800 chipset, but at a more affordable cost. Therefore, some of the best Snapdragon 765 powered phones were launched in 2020, including Google Pixel 5 and 4a 5G, Motorola Edge, OnePlus Nord, and many more.

The highlight about Snapdragon 765 is its performance. It includes eight cores; two Cortex A76 cores and six energy-efficient A55 cores, which works the same as 2018’s Snapdragon 865. In simpler words, the Snapdragon 765 indicates that low-priced phones can compete with the flagship-tier chipsets for daily tasks.

Talking about your daily activities, it is essential to mention that expensive and budget phones now offer reliability. According to a few reviewers, budget phones powered by Snapdragon 730, 732, 720, and 662 worked perfectly well. Therefore, Snapdragon 775 made its way and brought you the flagship-tier performance for a price of $335.

Notably, the Snapdragon 865 presented an external 5G modem; Qualcomm brought a unified 5G modem on Snapdragon 765. Therefore, it offers an all-in-one solution rather than two different modules of occupying space.

Undoubtedly, the budget-friendly 765 Chipset is above and beyond for most everyday uses. For both CPU and GPU performance, the Snapdragon 765 held up amazingly well against Qualcomm’s lead plans.

There has been a lot of effort made by the Arm to boost the Cortex cores. For all those unfamiliar with the same, Arm is a UK-based chip designer that has brought a massive change in the mobile chip industry. Every smartphone you see or use features Arm’s instruction sets; a few companies license Cortex CPU while others take permissions for the architecture and build a separate CPU design.

One of the best decisions Qualcomm has ever made includes the bringing of Snapdragon 765. Keeping in mind that not everybody can afford or want to buy $1000 flagships, Snapdragon 765 is offering exactly what you wish at a much lower cost. People are interested to see what more Qualcomm has to bring you. Not only this, but they also expect that the future chipset should offer sizable gains.

So, if you’re one of those who only perform regular activities using a smartphone, here’s a cheaper version offering the same performance as a flagship phone.

Source: Introduction of Snapdragon 765 Indicated the Need to Avoid Qualcomm 800-Series Chip

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