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Introduction To Informatica API Manager | API Management

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As we are stepping into a world of data-driven digital transformation that creates new use cases, we cannot ignore its requirement of different integration patterns. API integration is becoming increasingly popular for integrating applications. Informatica's API Manager allows customers to develop, publish, manage, monitor, deprecate, and consume for business coordination across numerous clouds and on-premises systems, both inside and beyond their firewalls. Additionally, Informatica Intelligent Cloud ServicesSM (IICS) API Manager service facilitates the management of the entire API life cycle.


Informatica Makes Intelligent API Building Simpler Than Ever


  • Making APIs Accessible:

Informatica ensures that the accessibility of APIs is extended from developers to the members of your data and application teams. It provides a simple and accessible approach to building data, application, and orchestration APIs and minimizes organizations' dependability on the availability of consultants or IT teams.


  • Advanced-Data Access:

Informatica provides unmatchable data access and manipulation capability to its customers. With an API call, you can orchestrate, ingest, synchronize, replicate, transform, lift and shift any data from anywhere, irrespective of the speed and latency, and that too in real-time. Your APIs' access is controlled and monitored so that your data building process is secure and well-managed.


  • AI-Powered Metadata Discovery:

Informatica's API Manager comes with the built-in AI/machine learning-powered CLAIRE® engine so that you can automatically discover and describe your data for usage in different integration scenarios. Having a description for data is critical for your tools to work efficiently, whether you are working with large bulk datasets, making API calls, or doing ingestion of large data. Metadata discovery powered by CLAIRE provides your teams with the intelligence they need to understand and capture the value of your data.


Features and Capabilities


  • API Development and Design

To develop your APIs, select an API type, plan capabilities, create methods, and implement a common response format to develop your APIs. Your clients can use the composite APIs that you provide. REST, SOAP, Java, SQL, and Stored Procedures, as well as message queuing and pub/subsystems and a range of other on-premises and cloud applications and services, can all be used. For externalized scheduling and execution, a Cloud Data Integration (CDI) task flow can be called, and you can supply input parameters to the API for the tasks it orchestrates. You can also use APIs to trigger sub-task flows.


  • API Description

The APIs defined by you are self-descriptive as per industry standards and no interface creation is required. Their generation is automated and ready for use by developers.


  • API Registry

Registration of published APIs into the API Registry is automated. Hence, they can be managed, discovered, and accessed easily. You can expose these APIs and start monitoring usage with a simple click. 


  • API Gateway

API Gateway facilitates the deployment and activation of APIs, both within the organization and with partners. It also applies security and access control policies and supports REST (XML and JSON) and SOAP APIs.


  • API Manager

API Manager facilitates administrators and developers in exposing service APIs, managing API life cycle, API description, API policies, API usage analytics, logging, and security exception monitoring. It also helps in the application and specification of organization-wide rate-limiting and IP-filtering policies. API URL customization, assignment of IP filtering to APIs, and reducing response times are some other functionalities of the API Manager.


  • API Portal

The API portal is a part of the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and integrated with the Informatica API Gateway and API Manager. The portal enables developers to take a quick trial of an API before actually using it. The swagger viewer simplifies the client-side consumption and back-end implementation, and the Analytics dashboard displays the API consumer's usage pattern and most-used APIs.


  • API Monitoring

API Monitoring offers complete security and logging of exceptions so that administrators can identify and mitigate unauthorized activities and exceptions immediately.   


  • Analytics

API Manager comes with a graphic analysis of usage statistics, analytics, and trend reporting of integration APIs that is automated and customizable.


  • API Microgateway Service

To install, manage, and govern the use of Application Integration processes, you can use the Secure Agent service.


  • API Rate Limit

You can customize the rate limit policies of your API to set the number of APIs that a consumer can invoke during a specified time.


  • Localization Support

Customers are also offered the Japanese user interface and documentation for the API and Cloud Application Integration services.


  • OAuth 2.0 support 

OAuth 2.0 is critical for security compliance. This standard, when combined with Client ID and Secrets, extends the basic and JSON-Web Token (JWT)-based authentication options available today.


Key Benefits


  • CLAIRE-Powered Privacy Data Compliance

API administrators or developers can deploy privacy policies for personally identifiable information, and audit, record, and prohibit PII leakage. They may choose which types of information to protect and whether each piece of information should be protected in requests, responses, or both.


  • Rapid Implementation of Rest or SOAP APIs Using Zero Coding

Informatica’s integration design environment allows developers to build an application, data service, and data set APIs without requiring any coding. Informatica’s sophisticated application integration services facilitate the orchestration of API-based systems and API exposure. You can add rich data integration capabilities to your existing integrations. Using the built-in API gateway, you can secure and monitor your REST and SOAP application and data APIs once you're ready for exposure.


  • Your APIs, Always at Your Fingertips

Since APIs are available in a single dashboard with all related information, application developers can start and develop their applications faster than ever. Developers can request API access, collaborate, and get a quick trial of APIs before actually using them.


  • Build Robust, Scalable, and Secure APIs

You can test and debug your APIs and integrations with many clients and specific conditions to ensure that they are highly scalable, secure, and usable. Basic HTTP, JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication, as well as an open standard (RFC 7519), are supported, which allows for a compact and self-contained manner of secure data transmission. Informatica's built-in monitors can also be used to examine each step of the execution and data processing process, supporting the construction of a strong foundation.


  • Entire API Lifecycle Management Made Easier

API Manager enables API administrators and developers to easily control and monitor their APIs, allowing them to provide service APIs and manage their life cycle, including activation, deactivation, and decommissioning.


  • Prevent Rogue Access to Application and Data APIs

Policies for authorization, rate limitation, and IP whitelisting and blacklisting are used to regulate and secure API access. Thanks to the comprehensive security-exception log, an API administrator can quickly analyze and mitigate any unauthorized access attempts or exceptions.


  • Real-Time Analytics for a Better Visibility

The API Manager Analytics Dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of API usage analytics, including trends and usage over time, the most frequently used APIs, and the most frequent users. This information allows API administrators to take remedial steps to meet a business need.


  • Automated API Discovery and Grouping

API Manager displays a list of all available REST and SOAP web services that your company has created. API metadata descriptions and WSDL or Swagger (OpenAPI) interface generations are automated. With the API application-grouping capability, you can better control the use of JWT tokens and link them to numerous API endpoints. API consumers will need to deal with fewer tokens, and API producers will be able to manage or remove a consumer's access faster.


  • Integrated DevOps Environment for a Higher Productivity

API Manager is a component of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, which includes cloud data integration, cloud application, and process integration, API administration, master data management, and much more. It provides developers, business analysts, and API administrators with a seamless user experience and helps in significantly reducing the learning curve.


As Informatica expands its Cloud product portfolio by introducing state-of-the-art API management solutions, PartnerBO supports your growth through System & Data integration, focusing on increasing your strength from within your organization. We help you empower yourself with new capabilities such as data quality, master data management, cloud data integration, big data architecture, governance implementation throughout the organization, data security, and data archiving.



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