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Introduction To Seed Sowing Methods

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We all know about seeds and their importance in the agriculture field. But do you know what seed sowing is and how to sow the seeds? Because if you are in the agriculture field and know how important it is to have a quality seed, then you should also know about seed sowing methods. If you do not know that, the quality seeds will also no longer be worthy. So here we are going to understand seed sowing and various methods of it. But before that, let us give you a suggestion. If you are looking for quality seeds for your agriculture and gardening, you can go through various smart farming company in KSA. Now let us get back to our main topic.

What is seed sowing:  

Sowing is a procedure for planting seeds into the soil. During this agricultural process, proper precautions should be taken, including maintaining the appropriate depth and distance. The soil should be hygienic, healthy, and free from disease and other pathogens, including fungus. All these safeguards are necessary for seed germination, the function of seeds developing into new plants.

Methods of sowing:  

Traditional method
A funnel shaped device is utilized for sowing the seeds traditionally. The funnel is loaded with seeds, and the seeds pass via two or three pipes with pointed ends. These ends enter the soil, and the seeds are set there.

In this process, the seeds are scattered mechanically or manually on the seed beds. In the broadcasting method of sowing, the seeds are spread uniformly and are then coated with planking.

After you buy seeds in KSA, you need to make the holes in the seedbed and then place the seeds in it. And cover the seedbeds. A dibbler is utilized for dibbling. It is a conical tool that makes appropriate holes in the seedbed. The holes are made at definite depths. This method is usually used for sowing vegetables. 

The seeds are settled into furrow lines in a constant flow and are then coated with soil. This can be done either automatically or manually.
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