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iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra are the two devices discussed a lot. But how would you know which phone is better than the other? Well, every device has its qualities and features that others might not match. Therefore, if you’re one of those potential customers who want to buy a new phone, but cannot figure out between the two, here’s everything you need to know.

It is essential to research and know every bit about the device you’re going to invest in. Putting a lot of money into something which later doesn’t satisfy you is a huge mistake. Don’t worry! You won’t be doing it wrong as long as you’re reading all about the two phones in this guide.

Beginning with the key differences, you cannot get anything better than the two phones: the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Both the phones offer a fantastic photography experience, while iPhone 12 is a little better at videography. Excellent battery life and processors are other things to consider for the two smartphones.

Comparison: Design

Both the phones have a similar structure that features a stainless-steel frame with a glass exterior. However, the iPhone is more durable because the display glass is built with the new ceramic shield. Therefore, using the same has made the phone up to four times stronger than all the previous iPhone models. It doesn’t mean that the Galaxy phone is easily breakable. It is pretty resilient because it uses Gorilla Glass 6.

The Galaxy phone features a huge 6.9-inch screen and is heavier than the iPhone. None of the two phones have a headphone jack; however, the Galaxy comes with a pair of earphones and a USB-C charging adaptor in its packaging.

The iPhone gives you an option to choose from four different body colors against Galaxy’s two. Both the phones are available in black, but if you want to try something new, you might want to check out the iPhone range.

Comparison: Functionality

Comparing the two phones based on speed and performance, the Galaxy shines more as it features an AMOLED display, massive RAM capacity, and a higher refresh rate for smooth graphics. However, the Bionic chip used for iPhone 12 wins when the processor is taken into consideration. Both the phones perform well and have their advantages, so there’s not much of a difference.

On the one hand, iPhone 12 Pro Max pulls twenty hours of video playback. While on the other hand, Galaxy works great when it comes to fast charging. The Galaxy phone can charge from zero to hundred in an hour, while the iPhone 12 takes double the time. If you’re someone who travels a lot and doesn’t get much time to recharge your phone, the Galaxy phone is going to be your best buddy.

As always, there’s a battle going on between the Android and Apple users. Undoubtedly, Apple offers some very attractive features; for instance, Airdrop, Facetime, etc. Also, Apple Pay is another big advantage that enables you to perform quick cash transfers using the Messages app. Therefore, if you’re already an Apple user, it isn’t expected that you easily leave it all behind. Android sure offers great performance and functionality, but it’s not as powerful as iOS.

Comparison: Camera

There’s no clear winner when comparing the two smartphones based on photography and video capabilities. The Galaxy phone features a 108MP primary camera and 100X digital zoom, which is a huge thing to get. Though night mode is a feature offered by both the phones, if you compare the images shot in low light, the iPhone pulls it off way better. Ultra-wide pictures taken with iPhone 12 are also good quality, while the Galaxy S20 Ultra focuses on details.

Coming down to a conclusion about which phone has a better camera, the Galaxy is a big advantage in capturing stills. Its high-resolution and zoom capability is worth buying the phone. However, iPhone 12 is great at shooting videos because of its Dolby Vision. Not only this, but it also offers great built-in editing options.

Now, the big question is which phone you should get? It depends upon your needs and preferences. If you’re rooting for a big screen with amazing playback graphics and a high-resolution camera, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the one for you. However, if you’re attracted towards the features offered by iPhone 12 and everyone around you has an iPhone, the Apple ecosystem will provide various advantages.

So, what are you waiting for? Make up your mind and get the best for yourself by looking at your needs and preferences.

Source: iPhone 12 Pro Max or Galaxy S20 Ultra: Which One Should You Consider?

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