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Apple has just rolled out iPhone 12, but that doesn’t mean there will be no more new iPhones in the future. We have some leaks and reports regarding the upcoming iPhone. In this guide, we will tell you everything we got to know about iPhone 13 so far.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started.

When will Apple proclaim iPhone 13?

Apple typically proclaims about the launch of its iPhone in the fall of every year. For that reason, we can hope for it to be announced in October 2021. Some Apple freaks are estimating that Apple might now launch its new iPhones twice a year. This gossip seems real because Apple launched iPhone 12 in October 2020. If this speculation is correct, then Apple might launch iPhone 13 somewhere in March 2021. Also, we may get the iPhone 14 after 2021. However, this will only happen if Apple launches its smartphones twice a year.

When will iPhone 13 be available to pre-order?

The information regarding pre-ordering iPhone 13 is currently nada as there is no iPhone 13 that exists officially. As soon as Apple announced iPhone 12 in October 2020, people ordered two million cellphones within the first 24 hours of the announcement.

The same might happen with iPhone 13 as people will desperately order it to check the latest features.

When would it be launched?

Apple typically launches its products shortly after the official announcement. It doesn’t make its users long for the new iPhone for too long. That’s the marketing style of Apple, and we love it.

So, the right answer to this question is, Apple will launch the iPhone 13 within a few days after the official announcement.

So you can stay alert and focused to pre-order it as soon as it goes on sale.

iPhone 13 Price & Availability

Everything we are sharing on this page is based on speculations. Currently, there is no way to speculate the estimated price of the iPhone 13. Up till now, we lack enough information to calculate the cost of the product.

There are some rumors regarding the price of the iPhone 13. It says that it might start from 350 USD and go up to 1100 USD. Don’t take it seriously as it is just an informal estimate without any evidence or hint. 350 USD is an unbelievably affordable cell phone from Apple. However, as Apple has launched iPhone SE for only 399 USD, no doubt that it can make future handsets at even lower prices. This will allow even budget concerned customers to opt for iPhones.

How many handsets will the iPhone 13 lineup include?

Now, this is a fascinating question as we see something new every time from Apple. According to rumors, it may introduce the same lineup models as iPhone 12.


This is all we know about iPhone 13 up to now. Everything we explained in this guide is just deprived of speculation. As soon as Apple teases anything about iPhone 13, we will confidently fetch correct details. We hope you have liked this article and found it inspiring. Thanks for being here for a while.

Source: iPhone 13: All Technical Details


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