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Year after year we get leaks and rumors of the new iPhone leading up to its release in September. While an exact release date has not been revealed, Apple tends to follow a pretty tight schedule year over year. While the pandemic and computer chip shortage could throw a wrench in their plans we can most likely expect an announcement in September.

Let’s first get what we know out of the way. We do not know the name of the newest iPhone, but if Apple follows suit it will be the iPhone 13, so we are going to call it that for the purpose of this blog. The iPhone 13 release will be very similar to the iPhone 12 release. There will be four models of phones, same as the iPhone 12, and their dimensions will all be identical to their counterparts. Those sizes are 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. These four models will be the iPhone 13 Mini, the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The prices for the iPhone 12 ranged from $699 , iPhone 12 Mini, to $1,099, iPhone 12 Pro Max. One leak as suggested that the pricing model for the iPhone 13 will be the exact same as the 2020 release. Apple did revert back to an older design model with the iPhone 12 and that is not expected to change with the iPhone 13. The only confirmed change seems to be the rear camera, the company is expected to change to a diagonal leans arrangement on the two cheaper Phone, iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13, with everything else staying virtually the same as the previous model.

Apple has begun expanding their color selection in recent reveals and according to one leak we are expecting to see two new colors added for customer to select from, orange and pink. If everything else stays the same we can expect to see the last-gen shades such as purple, black and white.

We mentioned earlier that screen sizes are staying the same, and while the resolutions are expected to stay the same there is rumored to be a new a refresh rate for the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 is heavily rumored to introduce a 120Hz refresh rate that means the image on the phones will be smoother than any previous iPhone.iphone financing no credit check,iphone recovery data

While the camera on the phone itself is not expected to change much, outside of the positioning. There could be some changes to the hardware itself. The two pro models may be receiving an ultra-wide shooter to allow for clearer and wider photos. In the last-gen only the two pro models received the LIDAR sensor for the cameras, which increases depth perception, but it is rumored that all four models will receive the LIDAR for the 2021 release.

The last confirmed change will come in the form of the battery itself. The battery for the iPhone 13 is rumored to be larger than the iPhone 12 allowing for the longest lasting iPhone battery to date. There were rumors that Apple was going to release a phone with no charging port and rely only on wireless charging, but according to one Apple analyst this is false and the phones will continue to utilize the Apple Lightning Charger.iphone 12 charger port

While none of these changes have come directly from Apple themselves, these leaks have proven to be pretty accurate the closer we get to the phones announcement year over year. We look forward to the official announcement and when there is one, we will be back to provide you with more info. For iphone battery repair you can connect with us in our stores.



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