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Before we get into the comparison, please know that the iPhone 12 has not yet hit the stores but the iPhone SE has been in the market for a while. Apple has re-used the body of iPhone 8 on iPhone SE but with some minor tweaks, which give the iPhone SE a unique look. If you’re looking for a new display shape and design, you have to wait for a while for the launch of the iPhone 12. The current design on SE looks similar to iPhone 5 but with some minor changes like it has squared edges instead of rounded.


The iPhone SE is equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD retina display with P3 wide-gamut. It also uses TrueTone technology that will match the temperature of the environment surrounding your device. All of this implies that you’ll get to experience the true colors of the image, especially when it comes to red and green, you’ll get a rich, vibrant, and crisp view of the photos and videos on the screen. And the whites will look accurately white, no off-whites, warm or cool-toned whites will be visible. The density on display will remain the same as iPhone 6 or 8.

In contrast, Apple might bring the mini version of the iPhone 12 (as per the rumors) with a 5.4-inch display and OLED screen. But it won’t be as good as the iPhone 11 Pro because its panels are way more expensive than the ones that iPhone 12 ‘mini’ will have. But don’t get disheartened as the iPhone 12 will still be enjoyable and powerful enough as it has deeper blacks, intricately highlighted details, and better contrast ratio. But with OLED comes off-axis color shifting issues and pulse width modulation that is not satisfying to the eyes.


iPhone SE uses modern silicone, A13 Bionic chipset (which is the fastest running chipset that a smartphone has experienced ever). It runs on iOS updates that will keep the device healthy and working for at least four years. It has also inherited some of its brains from iPhone 11 Pro, so everything on this device remains fluid and smooth.

There isn’t much information about the performance that the iPhone 12 might deliver (not even rumors), but it will surely be compelling and robust as Apple always takes the bar a level up with its every release. It will probably use the most advanced silicon as well.


The iPhone SE offers impressive camera quality, which feels like an amalgamation of the iPhone 8 added with the image signal processor of the iPhone 11. You can click pictures similar to the iPhone XR quality. It allows you to choose from six studio-quality customizable effects, and you can adjust the lighting and intensity as well.

Whereas the iPhone 12 will bring better camera quality than any other iPhones because that’s what Apple does with all of its cameras. We’re expecting it to have a next-gen image signal processor, smart HDR, different lenses, and modes.

Security Levels

The iPhone SE has a Home button and Touch ID security or the device’s fingerprint identification system. So, touching the Home button triggers the device to capture the prints on your fingertip, transforms it into a mathematical form, directs it to the Secure Enclave, compares it with the registered print on files to check if it matches the original. That’s how it reads your fingertip to unlock your device and apps and helps you make secure transactions.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 doesn’t use a Touch ID because it lacks the Home buttons. It instead uses your Face ID (a biometric facial geometry scanner) to unlock the device. This biometric facial scanner uses a dot projector, flood illuminator, and infra-red sensor to capture a 3D image of your face to convert it into mathematical data. It sends it to Security Enclave to compare the result. Then the neural engine approves the picture and unlocks your device within seconds. Your device can be unlocked only if your eyes and nose are open. So, you’ll have to take off your sunglasses and masks every time you want to unlock your device.


The iPhone SE is available for $400 in the U.S., but in some countries, the price exceeds $100 and goes somewhere between $450-$500. Looking at the history of iPhones, we expect the price of the iPhone 12 to be around $700 or more.

We have provided you the complete comparison, so you can choose the product that meets your requirements and budget. If you want to go for iPhone 12, wait for a while after the release of this device and check the users’ reviews. Then you can choose if you want to reconsider your choice.

source: https://shoutk.com/iphone-se-vs-iphone-12-which-one-should-you-purchase/


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