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IS 4923 YST 240 Rectangular Cold Formed Hollow Section Specification

The Indian Standard for “Hollow Steel Sections for Structural Use – Specification” is IS 4923. It specifies requirements for the production, sizing, and mechanical properties of hollow steel sections for use in various structural contexts. Steel tubes with the designation “YST 240 RHS” have a rectangular cross-section, as indicated by the “RHS” designation. The RHS dimensions, wall thickness, and other requirements are all defined by the IS 4923 standard. Steel can be formed into various shapes using the manufacturing process known as “cold forming,” which does not involve heat. The Steel is formed by bending, rolling, or pressing to achieve the desired shape, which in this case is a hollow rectangular section of exact dimensions. A minimum yield strength of 240 MPa is required for RHS fabrication, which is reflected in the YST 240 grade. A material's yield strength is its ability to withstand stress before yielding irreversibly. Each of the three grades varies in composition and properties according to ISO standards, but all contain no more than 0.12% carbon, 0.03% to 0.08% silicon, 0.50% manganese, and 0.05% phosphorus and silicon. A minimum standard must be met. Minimum tensile strength of 450 Mpa. Minimal and maximum tensile strengths of 310 MPa. Percentages of wearers 25 inches or less in height wear sizes 8 and 10.

Cold Formed IS 4923 YST 240 RHS Applications

Highly reliable and low-cost solutions can be found in Carbon Steel IS 4923 YST 240 Pipes and Tubes, which are used in the production of machinery, the construction of all different types of buildings, and the irrigation of extremely hot or cold gases. Structure Building: YST 240 RHS serves many structural functions in the building industry. Buildings, bridges, stadiums, and storage facilities are just some of the many infrastructure projects that can benefit from its use. Because of its high strength and durability, it can be used to support heavy loads and structural elements. Structures and Frames Made of Steel, Steel frames and structures frequently use YST 240 RHS. This material makes steel frames for buildings, bridges, and towers possible. The hollow section's rectangular cross-section makes it simple to weld together and strengthens the whole. Developing Necessary Facilities Railways, metro systems, and airports are just a few infrastructure projects utilizing YST 240 RHS. It can be used to make platforms, walkways, walls, and other structures.



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