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Is Bidwell 3600 Paver Machine Beneficial For Building Contractor?

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According to the manufacturer, the 3600 paver's flexible paving carriage has a segmented top and lower section design to improve component longevity and save clean-up time. The Bid-Well 3600 automatic roller paver features a 21-hp Kohler ECH650 fuel-injected gas engine and paving carriage that save up to 25% on fuel and require less maintenance over the engine's lifetime.


The display machine's fogging mechanism of Rent Bidwell 3600 Paver machine in USA atomizes the water to create a real, light fog that prevents the surface from drying too quickly, reducing cracking and resulting in a stronger surface.

The machine's self-contained, flexible sidewalk paver may be mounted anywhere on the frame to pave multipurpose lanes, and it can be added to new or existing 3600 pavers in the field.

The lightweight attachment has a hydraulically driven 6-in. (15.2-cm) diameter roller that spins at varied speeds up to 200 rpm and is powered by its own 14-hp (10.4-kW) motor.

To fulfil jobsite needs, roller tube lengths can be modified from 4 to 12 feet (1.2 to 3.7 metres).

The ergonomic sidewalk paver, which is controlled by a single operator, saves money by reducing labor-intensive handwork and the number of labourers.

The universal power crown adjuster on the 3600 paver can be set for paving inline or offset to an adjacent hinge point opposite the other for fast adjusting the crown when paving at a skew while paving skewed bridge decks.

The highly flexible 3600 legs adapt to meet virtually any paving challenge the contractor faces.

Fast and simple motorised leg height adjustments of up to 46 inches are available with the machine on show at World of Concrete (116.8 cm).

The demonstration machine has a pivot leg structure that moves the paver to a true vertical operating position to reduce side stresses on the rail and remove additional shoring when paving at cross slopes greater than 4%.

When working in confined spaces like rehabilitation and deck overlays, the innovative swing leg design provides zero-clearance paving.

Its six-wheel bogie leg option distributes machine weight across a larger area, reducing the stress on the overhang brackets.



More Benefits of Bidwell 3600 Paver machine in USA-


    • Suitable for the installation of concrete decks and the paving of ordinary slab-on-grade projects.
    • When paving at a skew, a universal power crown adjuster with independent motors for the front and back frame is available, allowing you to swiftly adjust the crown.
    • In narrow spaces, the swing leg design allows for zero-clearance paving.
    • To efficiently consolidate the slab's top 2.5 in, the Rota-Vibe system generates up to 5,000 vpm.
    • Lights from the Terex Bid-Well are installed in both the paving carriage and the paver's frame.
    • To illuminate the paver, up to twelve 1-amp LED lights can be put nearly anywhere on the machine's chassis, and up to four lights can be connected directly to the paving carriage.
    • A fogging system is available that contains individually adjustable nozzles that can be positioned to direct the fog where it is needed.


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