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The social media landscape has become vast and complex in the last decade. Most PR Companies in Delhi use social media for their B2B communications. Though LinkedIn lands the top position in marketing communications. Facebook holds more potential than that.

Facebook has forty-six percent users. At the same time, only thirty-three percent of users are on LinkedIn. The user base of Facebook is 1.6 billion. Every user spends an average of 35 minutes a day on Facebook. With its large size, Facebook overthrows all the other social media.

Facebook – A Great Platform For B2B PR

Facebook is the primary content distribution channel for PR Companies and Marketing teams. It holds a range of PR strategy tools for B2B communications.

High Return on Investments for Advertisements

Facebook Advertising takes your business to suitable targets. It offers a greater audience reach than other social media. It gives a better return on advertising since it has a relatively low CPM. It has excellent ad tools also.

Facebook holds advanced machine learning algorithms, user data, web tracking, and analytics. This enables excellent conversion optimization for the advertisements.

Easy Retargeting

Facebook Ad performance is analyzed by a tool called Facebook Pixel. This helps to track leads across various devices. This way, it is easy to retarget the visitors on other platforms with ads.

Creating Target Groups

Facebook Groups for business allows to locate target audience and bring them under one group. This helps to build engagement of the audience. It enables you to discuss the technical and marketing information. It also gives you an added benefit of lead generation for your business.

Finding Local and Small Businesses

Facebook acts as an ideal environment for small business holders. It gives an accessible platform for them to connect with their customers. It also aids large B2B marketers in finding SMBs for their business.

Facebook Features for B2B PR and Marketing

Facebook Lives

Videos are a major marketing trend nowadays. Facebook lives help to connect with target audiences. Demos, Q&A, posts, and images can be published as videos. These videos can also be shared on other social media platforms.

Unpolished Image Posts

Proper studio brand images are outdated. An unpolished image of your business place can make audiences look at your advertisement. Facebook allows you to stock up image posts for your business.

Facebook Messenger

Personalized communications are effective than messaging campaigns or posts. Facebook Messenger uses bots to set up personalized messaging. It is accessible for free in the first 24 hours for a business.

Facebook Messenger is a productive tool to engage many audiences. It helps to retain them as page followers as well. It also provides automated tools to assess the effectiveness of the business.


The primary goal of a B2B company is to strengthen the relationship with current customers. And also to mitigate damages to the reputation of the brand. The Best PR Companies in Delhi also use Facebook for their B2B communications. It helps to engage with the customers on a more personal level. The current data trend shows Facebook as the most effective platform for B2B marketing.

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