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Is fiber in concrete better than rebar?

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Fiber mesh concrete, also known as fiber-reinforced concrete, is a steel-reinforced concrete alternative. It incorporates fibers into the design of the concrete mix on the job site. Depending on the purpose of the project, these fibers can vary in shape, size, and material. Using concrete for a residential or commercial construction project ensures that you are using a strong, long-lasting material. With all of the different applications for concrete, there are several ways to ensure that your concrete is strong enough for the job.

Concrete loses density as it ages, making it more prone to cracking. When pouring concrete for driveways, foundations, or floors, wire mesh or fibers are two common ways to reinforce the concrete. The fiber mesh reinforces the concrete, while the steel rebar reinforces the high-load areas. The fiber mesh is good, but it can protrude above the concrete surface and appear fuzzy. Fiber mesh concrete is simple to work with and could easily replace traditional steel-reinforced concrete in-floor slab applications. It is also much faster and easier to use on the job site.

Fibers are packaged in a water-soluble bag and dropped into the back of a ready-mixed concrete truck while mixing is taking place. This new concrete is poured and placed on the job site just like any other, with little to no difference in its consistency. In general, fiber concrete is easier to work with and install than steel-reinforced concrete. It also saves time and space on the job site because there will be no piles of steel mesh to store and no time-consuming set-up of this mesh.

In contrast, incorporating rebar into a concrete structure is time-consuming and necessitates precise site practices. When properly installed, rebar, or steel reinforcement, provides significant strength to the structure. However, when things go wrong and the placement is incorrect, steel reinforcement can weaken the structure. Here are some of the reasons why fiber in concrete is preferable to rebar.

  • Concrete shrinkage and cracking are reduced by fiber mesh.
  • It improves the tensile strength of concrete in the same way that other reinforced concrete does.
  • Reduces the possibility of spalling because the fiber inside melts, allowing the water content in concrete to escape.
  • Fibers are simple to incorporate into the design of a concrete mix.
  • When compared to steel-reinforced concrete, polymer fiber reinforcement is more corrosion resistant.

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