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Garnet abrasive is composed of minerals which include almandite, andradite, grossularite, pyrope, and spessartite. These minerals, sometimes known as green garnets, are widely mined in China, India, and Madagascar. Garnet can pierce even heavy and thick metals since its Mohs hardness ranges from 7 to 8 on the Mohs scale. This abrasive is a harmless substitute when contrasted with slag and silica sand.


Cost-effective: The long-lasting garnet abrasives require fewer volumes to get the same results as other natural minerals.

Safe: This environment-friendly, non-toxic mineral is safe for workers, as it prevents them from ingesting harmful substances.

Clean: The garnet abrasive leaves very little dust, making cleaning up after work a breeze.

Reusable: This media can be reused several times when you use it under the right conditions.

Excellent Surface Clarity: Garnet abrasives give optimal surface clarity for your coating requirements.


You can use this abrasive for both wet and dry blasting applications. Garnet abrasives can be classified into blasting grade and water jet grade. When Garnet is mined and collected, it is crushed into fine pieces. Garnet grits with a mesh size greater than 60 (250 micrometers) are suitable for sandblasting. Pieces with mesh sizes between 60 and 200 are used for water jet cutting. The finer grits, with a mesh size of more than 200, are used for polishing glass and lapping.

Garnet abrasive is used to cut steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. It is effective in many other processes like surface profiling on new steel, waterjet cutting, coatings removal up to 50 mils thick, blast cleaning aluminum or fiberglass, or vapor blasting.


Kramer Industries provides high-quality garnet abrasives to its customers. You can buy abrasives of different mesh sizes, ranging from 8 to 120 mesh, and package sizes ranging from 1 lb to 50 lb, that will meet your requirements.



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