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Down Syndrome. Out of the myriad developmental diseases that are genetically caused, this ailment can result in delayed development, learning disability and short stature. As per the World Health Organisation statistics, one among every 1100 births worldwide could possibly be affected by Down syndrome. Extra genetic material from chromosome 21 causes abnormal cell division that results in this genetic ailment. It is clearly known that genes are the only thing that you cannot change about yourself. So, how can genetic counselling help?

Genes are building blocks of life and by that effect, they are passed on to your child from you. Quite a lot of factors can cause anomalies in how genes come together from each parent. There isn’t a concrete method as of now to control how human genes combine to bring forth new life. That is the reason why genetic birth defects are so much scarier. The parents could be completely healthy and fine but somehow the child can have traits of genetic disorders.

Prenatal genetic counselling and testing can come in as a much needed aid for couples who are planning their first child or have had complications in their earlier planning during pregnancy. It helps couples understand if their genes can be potentially risky for their child and if there’s a chance that their baby could have any genetic problems. Genetic counselling and testing from truGeny can be availed from the comfort of your home. Get a consultation slot booked and let us take care of the rest.


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Founded with the passion to improve peoples access to a longer and healthier life, truGeny empowers you to learn about your health risks based on your genetics and family health history. truGeny offers pre and post-test genetic counseling services along with genetic tests to determine your risks for hereditary cancers, cardiovascular and a host of other genetic disorder risks. TruGeny - shifting healthcare from being reactive to proactive.


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