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If you are running a business in Dubai, you must be aware that most modern businesses in today’s times use some kind of HR software. This type of software works to simplify and optimize human resources management in ever-evolving ways. The most prominent results of using this type of software are being able to manage talent, keep employees happy, and drive productivity up. If your Internet search for the “best HR software in UAE” has brought you here, you are on the correct page.

It is important to understand that HR software in any organization is used by many others in addition to the HR team: the stakeholders, employees, and others. This is truer when the organization does not have a dedicated HR team. In this article, we attempt to tell you who all make good use of the HR software in an organization and outside of it.

Small Business Owners

When the size of the business is small, it is the business owner that performs most of the important functions, from HR management and payroll generation to managing the IT department. The best HRMS software in Dubai will likely be designed to perform a majority of these functions and more. Some of these packages are designed to even give holiday tips to their employees and help them file claims.

Cloud HR solutions solve most of the problems for small business owners and make everyday life easier for them. Some of these advanced HRMS software packages are made for small, medium-scale and large-scale businesses.

IT Managers

In any organization, the IT Manager is in charge of the organization's technology hardware and software systems, including the HRMS system.If you are an IT manager working in an organization or business in Dubai, you would have realized the benefits brought about by high-quality “hr software Dubai.”

The IT manager is responsible for deploying and maintaining the HR and payroll systems in the organization. A low-quality HR and payroll software package would require too many configurations and the regular attention of the IT manager and the team.

HR Manager

The HR manager will be the principal user of the HR and Payroll package in an organization. Organizations that have more than just a few employees are likely to employ an HR manager.

HR managers primarily work on reports that pertain to the employees of the business or organization. They process all the HR data, including personal and contact details of the employees, joining date, salary databases, attendance details, bonuses, leave available, holidays, and other details. The HR manager also tracks permits and certificates and their validity details and ensures that the company complies with all statutory rules and regulations.

Therefore, it is understandable why an HR manager should have access to high-quality HR and payroll software. With access to the best HRMS software in UAE, the HR manager will be able to:

  • Have quick access to up-to-date information
  • Retrieve the information quickly from a centralised server
  • Data pertaining to the company’s productivity and aligned with the growth strategy can be retrieved faster and organized into reports for perusal and analysis by the management and employees
  • Sensitive data about employees can be stored in a secured manner
  • The HR manager can focus on more meaningful tasks if the HR and payroll software is automated and functions in an efficient manner

HR Team Members

In medium and large-scale organizations or businesses, the HR manager is supported by a team of one or more HR executives. Organisations having a large number of employees might have HR executives to support HR managers. They perform a number of functions, including

  • Managing the interview and recruitment process for new employees
  • They manage training schedules for employees in different areas
  • They are always creating and maintaining databases of fresh talent that can be employed by the company
  • They ensure that all HR activities, including payroll expenses, are contained within the budget set aside for the same

HR executives and team members also use the HR and Payroll software package to enter specific data that can be used for processing as well as analysis and reporting. The HR and payroll software is used by these executives for functions such as:

  • New employee recruitment and on-boarding process
  • Analysis of Skill Gaps
  • Tracking performance and consolidating data for the annual performance appraisal of the employees
  • Track training programs for employees

Team Leaders

In enterprise-level organizations in Dubai, team leaders use HR software for many jobs that have to get done for the smooth functioning of the business.

Team leaders use HR and payroll software Dubai to ably track the training and development needs of the organization. They use the HR software to generate e-leave requests, e-claims and report absenteeism.

Friendly HR and payroll software packages provide personalized access to members of the teams. This serves to reduce the HR manager’s burdens significantly. Moreover, everyday-office processes like applications for leave and claim filing can become paperless, and this is the need of the hour. Team members can be empowered with better control and more visibility over administrative information.

In conclusion, HR software Dubai has advantages for members of any organization, as summarized below.

  • Creation and maintenance of employees’ contact information
  • The online leave application process
  • The online claim application process
  • Checking payslips online
  • View entitlements

Good quality HR and payroll software is a good package to use for the HR team of an organization and also for members of the other departments.



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