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Diamond rings were often worn by royalty and elite people when they got married to showcase their style and personality as well as reflect the love and commitment they have for their partner in the relationship. However, nowadays single women also splurge on diamond rings to mark certain milestones in their life or even treat themselves to something fancy. 

A diamond ring doesn’t just need to be worn by married or committed women they can even be worn as a status symbol and a fashion choice, many women wear diamond rings simply because it could be sentimental to them, they could adore it or it can be a sign that they are looking for love just like anyone else. 

Can single women wear diamond rings?

Daily wear diamond rings can now be worn by single women and it’s quite common to see women wearing beautiful flashy sparklers as well as other gemstone rings on their finger and no one really questions this. Wearing a diamond ring is so much more than just showing that you are committed. It can be passed down as an heirloom piece, or it could be gifted by a friend or bought as a self-love piece. 

As long as you wear these Kisna diamond rings on your right hand and not on your ring finger, no one will really have any issues and it won’t mark you as committed. You need to understand that it’s not the gemstone or ring that’s the issue but the finger you choose to wear it on. There is plenty of beautiful gemstone jewelry and rings that can be picked up for cocktail parties and events with tiny diamonds and sparkly gems and you’re free to choose anyone that you like that suits your style and needs. 

Some people believe that diamond rings are a symbol of love and commitment and should only be worn by married couples, however single women can wear them as well as it showcases their individuality and style. Here are some reasons why diamond rings can be worn by single women.

The Takeaway 

When looking to buy a diamond ring, think about your lifestyle and if you will be wearing this piece daily. Also, consider the setting of the ring and the cut of the gemstone to suit your style – solitaire or prong rings are classic and timeless and you can invest in one to celebrate yourself and wear it for special occasions. The delicacy and brilliance of these rings are sure to make you feel special and allow you to stand out from the crowd. 

At Kisna Diamond Jewellery, you will have endless options to choose from online so that you can pick a beautiful ring for yourself or gift it to your partner. Each piece comes in a range of budgets to suit your salary so that you have a special piece to invest in for every beautiful occasion. 



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