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It's possible to study in Australia, many professional companies of different branches and the students from the whole world choose this country for studying. Thousands of people move to Australia every month, but not everyone likes such a hard life as an Australian student is going to have. Now I want to prove that it's not so easy to get PR after study in Australia. 

Obtaining Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia after studying is possible, but it is not necessarily easy. There are several factors that can affect your chances of obtaining PR, including your qualifications, work experience, language skills, and the demand for your occupation in Australia.

Australia offers various pathways to obtain PR after studying, such as the General Skilled Migration program, the Employer Nomination Scheme, and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. These programs have different eligibility requirements, and the process can be complex and lengthy.

To increase your chances of obtaining PR after studying in Australia, it is recommended that you:


Choose a course of study that is in demand in Australia, and has good employment prospects.

Obtain relevant work experience in your field of study, either through internships, part-time work or full-time work after completing your studies.

Achieve a high level of proficiency in English, as this is a key requirement for most skilled migration programs.

Research the different pathways to PR and their eligibility requirements, and plan ahead for the best pathway for you.

Stay up to date with any changes in Australian immigration policies and regulations that may affect your eligibility.

Overall, obtaining PR in Australia after studying is not a guarantee, but it is possible with the right qualifications, skills, and preparation.

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