Is it Possible to Hide Liposuction Scars?

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Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure for removing fat and getting desired contours on different body parts. Both men and women can prefer this surgery. The latest methods of Liposuction are used for a speedy recovery, fewer scars, and better results. But if you are considering complete body liposuction, you may get scars, and it will be hard to avoid them.

Many people are concerned about whether it is possible to hide or remove the scars after liposuction treatment. It is a minimally invasive surgical method, which involves incisions, and later, there will be scars. With time, the scars will fade away. Nobody will know that you have got a perfect body by surgery. There are methods to make incisions to hide the marks, and no one can see them.

Whenever anyone visits the cosmetic surgeon and asks about the surgery, it is a common query. It is okay to have scars as it does not cause any hindrance to your life. But some people do not prefer marks because of their profession. Let us discuss how scars can fade away.

How to Hide Liposuction Scars?

The size and placement of incisions play a crucial role in the appearance of scars. You must prefer the best liposuction surgeon in Delhi who can perform the surgery, keeping in mind to hide all the marks. If a man likes Liposuction to treat gynecomastia and remove developed male breast tissues, the incision is done in the front.

But the cosmetic surgeon can hide the incision by doing it on the side of the chest. The scar after the surgery will be on the side of the chest and is hidden. Your marks can make you uncomfortable while flaunting your body, and therefore, it is necessary to hide them.

Our cosmetic surgeons at Luxury Aesthetics understand your issues and do Liposuction to hide the scars. We use all the latest techniques to provide perfect results with a speedy recovery. When your body experiences minor trauma, the resultant scar will not be profound, and it can fade away in some time.

Is It Possible to Hide Scars on Thighs and Arms?

If you have scars on your chest or abdomen, you can hide them under clothing, but what about arms and thighs. Many clients ask such a query because they want to wear clothes they like. Hence, thighs and arms will be visible in such garments. The size of the incision is dependent on the amount of fat that needs to be removed.

In the case of skin excision, the incision will be relatively larger. It is hard to hide or fade massive scars. But you can go for the laser treatment to remove the marks. In laser surgical treatment, the scar tissue is removed, and new skin grows there. But our surgeon will do his best to hide your scars and provide perfect results.

 You will get a natural-looking body without any marks. Our certified surgeon is available in the best liposuction clinic in Delhi. You can book an appointment and meet our experts to get advice. You have to trust the procedure and wait for some time to heal your incisions.


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