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In this article, we will study the latest sales model of wholesale jewelry, and see if the mechanism of wholesale jewelry by kilo is really that good?

In recent years, a model of selling by kilograms has emerged in the wholesale industry, and many fields have joined this track. Wholesale clothing can be bought by kilograms, and toys can also be bought by kilograms. The wholesale jewellery industry has also joined, with many companies selling wholesale jewellery by the kilo.

They have attracted a lot of consumers under the guise of being cheaper, but is the truth really what they say? Will it lead to poor quality because of the low price? Will the new model open up new business opportunities?

Why is there a model of wholesale jewelry sold by kilograms?

First of all, because some factories on the market are unable to recycle funds, in order to ensure normal operation, there is a need for rapid return of funds, so these factories are willing to sell at prices lower than the normal wholesale price. And some factories received orders for breach of contract, and in order to reduce losses, they also sold at a price lower than the normal wholesale price.

There are also some jewelry samples for exhibitions. Because there are not many stocks, it is inconvenient to wholesale by pieces. In order to increase the company's efficiency, the company sometimes chooses to sell at a reduced price.

The original intention of this marketing model is to avoid the waste of wholesale jewelry, help factories increase revenue, and allow consumers to obtain affordable goods.

Advantages of buying wholesale jewelry

Whether it is a secondary wholesaler or retailer of jewelry, or an individual buyer, as a consumer, of course, you want to buy high-quality and low-cost goods. By purchasing wholesale jewelry sold by the kilo, you can meet your needs.

Good price

The same price can buy 2-5 times the usual quantity.

High quality

If you go to the store to buy cheap jewelry, there is a high probability that the quality is not good, but if you choose the right wholesaler to buy wholesale jewelry bought by the kilogram, it is usually guaranteed of quality. Because their products are purchased from regular factories. At the same time, you can choose wholesale jewelry with independent packaging when purchasing, which is more safe and hygienic.

Multiple styles

One kilogram of jewelry usually has 100-350 pieces of jewelry, and the styles are random, containing a variety of styles.

Where can I buy wholesale jewellery sold by the kilo?

Price and quality are the top considerations for consumers when shopping.

However, note that although some wholesalers also provide cheap wholesale jewelry sold by kilograms, they do not buy from regular factories, but from some small workshops with poor technology, and do not provide quality appraisal. . And they may not allow returns, even for quality issues. If you buy wholesale jewelry from such a company, chances are you're getting a very cheap batch of items that are outdated, or especially cheap. This will affect your shopping mood and rights, and is likely to cause great inconvenience to your business.

Therefore, we must carefully select high-quality wholesale jewelry companies for cooperation.

Jewelrykg is a relatively trustworthy wholesale jewelry seller who sells by kilograms. He is a leader in the wholesale jewelry industry. There are enough stocks in the store, many styles and new styles, and the prices are very favorable, and the products are individually packaged to guarantee. Here are some advantages of their home:

  • Providing product sourcing and product quality inspection reports from factory inspection teams
  • Providing product design services, including product design development and prototyping services
  • Provide product packaging design services, including product packaging development and prototyping services

And they are also holding some promotions recently, use the coupon code to enjoy a 10% discount(6DVGCYG7).


Selling wholesale jewelry by the kilo is not only beneficial to the factory, but to the consumer as well. This is a novel way to bring us a whole new shopping experience. Whether wholesalers or retailers, or individual buyers with a certain amount of demand, can try this new way of playing.

Thank you very much for reading. By reading this article, are you also attracted by the way of wholesale jewelry sold by kilograms? How do you feel about this gameplay? You are welcome to discuss together! Thanks again for reading!



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