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Are backlinks still important in 2023? Yes, they are. However, the key is to approach link building as a means of building authority rather than just accumulating backlinks. 


It's time to focus on naturally gaining authority, which comes in the form of backlinks through: 


  • Valuable content.
  • Assets.
  • Promoting your business intelligently. 


Rather than paying link brokers, create something valuable for users and promote it strategically.

When to Pursue Link Building  

When should a business incorporate link building into its online marketing strategy? 


While high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources remain a part of the search algorithm, they are just one piece of the authority puzzle. 


Link building is not a magical solution for improving a site's rank – it's one aspect of the broader picture! Basically, it signals a site's value and trustworthiness to users alongside other SEO efforts.

Reevaluating the Importance of Link Building

When assessing these elements, prioritizing link building isn't as clear-cut anymore. Google's authority evaluation extends beyond links. To stay competitive in today's search landscape, focus more on enhancing content quality, specifically Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.


With tighter marketing budgets, it's crucial to consider the time and resources required for risk-free link building. Assess whether it should outweigh other SEO factors. If your content lacks trust signals or has poor site architecture, investing in backlinks is like a bandaid on a bullet hole.


Analyze your competition to decide on link building. Quantity isn't always the answer. Study your top search competitors and their backlink sources. Are they mostly spammy sites? Do they get links from sources you don't? Is certain content attracting reputable backlinks?

Lastly, consider your business size. Established brands might not need extensive link-building efforts.


Effectively Establishing Authority Through Links

To build authority, remember Google's core aim: providing users with quality content that meets their needs. Think of real-world trust and authority outside Google search—businesses earn trust by offering quality products/services and catering uniquely to customers. Word of mouth and brand loyalty follow. Alternatively, a brand creates something unique, gaining press through promotion.


These principles apply to search too. Instead of buying backlinks or paying for blog posts with backlinks, create valuable content and promote your Unique Value Propositions (UVPs).

Once you have a strong backlink profile, keep investing in revenue-driving links. 


Use analytics to identify converting referral sources and replicate them. While not exactly link building, it's delving into similar revenue-generating sources to maximize your investment.

Building Valuable Assets

To gain authority and backlinks naturally, create something users will link to—a useful resource or tool. For example, craft an industry trends whitepaper if you can perform audience research. Or develop a valuable tool, like a savings calculator for a bank. Create value and promote it; if it's great, backlinks will follow.

Promoting Excellence

Integrate your PR strategies with SEO. When online newspapers link to your site, your authority grows. If publications mention your business, ask for backlinks. It benefits both readers and your site. If SEO and PR teams collaborate, include the link request in the initial outreach.


Discover Unlinked Mentions

If you do not have any PR contacts – No worries, you can still benefit. Run an unlinked mentions campaign to contact press releases, blogs, etc., mentioning your business but not linking. It's a win-win for all. Don't forget to scale these link-building strategies.


By now, you should understand the mechanics behind link-building. Investing in a backlink service is recommended if you continue to struggle. Nevertheless, positioning yourself as a valuable resource for journalists, students, and others is a great way to get links naturally.

Creating high-quality links from relevant external websites is integral to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A website with many authoritative links will generally rank higher in search engine results, increasing organic traffic and visibility.



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