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Many people love one, and some favor another.

The way the WannaCry ransomware attack hit the Windows operating system

If you haven't heard of the current WannaCry ransomware attack targeting Mac OS, then it doesn't. Malware that attacked and shut down thousands of businesses – and many unfortunate hospitals – worldwide last May Use a leaked NSA operating system bundle called EternalBlue.

WannaCry was not an ordinary cyber attack. It blocked access to information through encryption and required a ransom of 300 to restore it. WannaCry shut down businesses left and right for a more extended period.

Hospitals in the UK have had to turn patients around and redirect ambulances. Experts warn that these kinds of events are likely to increase. Ransomware isn't easy to spot, and if you count on typical antivirus software to take care of it, you may believe it again.

As Temasoft describes: “The main problem with ransomware is the simple fact that the ransomware is not designed like a common virus. This is not due to the general behavior it reveals. In the long run, it mimics user behavior quite well, reads documents, writes data to disk, and deletes records. Same thing most people do on a typical day.

Temasoft also explains several ways in which classic antivirus features work and describes why anti-ransomware applications provide better ransomware protection. They explain that the technology used to detect malicious activity is much more precise because ransomware and viruses act differently from viruses.

However, it's best always to use both.

Experts say Macs are safer (for today)

Security company Sophos found that one in five Mac computers contains malware, such as malware made for Windows. Malware made for Windows won't automatically damage your Mac, but it can get spread. Hackers write more malicious code for Windows because they are more interested in a bigger target.

Malware for Mac computers remains new.

While Mac users are just as vulnerable to attacks due to cybercrime as Windows attacks such as phishing attacks, this is not a sane measure to keep your operating system safe.

Phishing is a strategy that has been around for decades. Criminals use deceptive e-mail messages to trick people into revealing private information. Then they steal your identity or cash.

It is not your computer's operating system that makes you vulnerable to fraud.

“Both are legacy operating systems from a security standpoint and like any other,” he says. “But most importantly, it's not about the operating system that runs on the computer, but the fleshy person sitting in front of it … and that's what most threats take advantage of.” Read more: Malwarebytes not opening

If you're still unsure whether or not you should choose a Mac, here are some steps you can take to keep your Windows device secure: For reliable security, always disconnect from the network and turn off Wi-Fi before connecting to the computer's destination.

External drives are not immune to malware; they work exactly like any other drive on your computer. If your computer gets hit while your backup drive is connected, you may lose your documents.

Be careful when backing up your information to the cloud.

Every time you back up your information to the cloud, you place copies of your documents on someone else's server over which you have no control. Cloud backup solutions are adequate, but you need to be aware of the risks.

The servers are hacked all the time, even when they have security measures in place. Only use cloud backup services when you need them.

Having antivirus and anti-ransomware applications on your computer is rewarding. It would help if you did not rely on recovering your files once another WannaCry variant blocks access to your personal computer.

As a few people discovered their frustration last May, paying the ransom does not guarantee the return of your documents.


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