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Granite is beautiful and unique with its vibrant color variations and dynamic veining, but Calacatta marble has a distinctive appearance that distinguishes it from other stones. Even though it has more dramatic, non-structural veins than regular marble, Calacatta is distinctive in that it has a more muted background than granite. In the world of designers, architects, and luxury home builders, Calacatta is well-liked. Vanities, showers, and bathtub surrounds are typical applications for Calacatta because many people view bathrooms as luxurious spaces. However, the use of Calacatta has become more widespread over time in other areas as well.  One of the best marble selections in Italy is the Calacatta collection from Amso International. Several Calacatta Marble Types are available, including the magnificent Calacatta Gold.

The Most Used Natural Stone In The World Is Calacatta Marble 

With Calacatta Marble, countless looks and styles can be created. Architects and designers have used Calacatta marble extensively in their works. Calacatta marble is a high-end marble because of its purity, toughness, and stunning white color. Our Calacatta Marble's taupe color enables you to use it to create a wide range of looks and styles. The price of the slabs increases with the material's degree of whiteness. The price increases with how “uniform” the stone's grain is. The best choice you can make for your house may be to install Calacatta Marble.

What do We offer?

Amso International sets itself apart from other stone suppliers by providing superior and distinctive stone slabs in a setting that is welcoming to businesses and professionals, with an emphasis on the importance of offering the highest level of customer service. Travertine, granite, marble, limestone, onyx, and other natural stone varieties are available from Amso International. 

Arabescato Marble

We select and buy the natural stone from the quarries where it is mined, making us experts in Calacatta Marble and other Italian marble. Our owner and staff are among the best in the Italian marble trading industry, and they help you choose from among the many slabs of Calacatta marble we carry. Amso International can care about potential risks associated with Italian marble and how to reduce them by utilizing pricey marble on platforms that seem impossible, like kitchens. We are a courteous, ethical, sensible, polite, and business-friendly organization that sets itself apart by providing exquisite marble slabs of unrivaled quality. We also offer the best quality Arabescato Marble in Italy.

Calacatta Gold Marble

High-quality Calacatta Marble, also known as Calacatta Gold Marble, is a natural stone. It is an imported marble found in the Italian town of Carrara, close to the Apuan Mountains. Natural, lustrous white stone with dark gray markings is called Calacatta marble. Italy is represented by the white and gold Calacatta marble. As a home interior, it appears very luxurious. It is widely used in a variety of architectural applications as well as for decorative uses like marble floor , wall coverings, and other accents. 

Marble floor

Calacatta marble is unique in that it can only be found in quarries in Carrara, Italy, which are accessible to the entire world. Customers frequently misidentify Calacatta marble with the white Carrara marble of the same name, which also comes from this range, leading to confusion about this fact. However, this quarry only produces a small amount of Calacatta under strict supervision. Production is also impacted by seasonal factors because quarrying is very challenging on Carrara's peaks during the coldest parts of the year. This natural stone is rare and costly due to both of these factors. 


Calacatta white marble's magnificent beauty and unrivaled rich white and gold features have made it a favorite among service providers and homeowners for decades. Since Carrara marble has softer veins, Calacatta marble coordinates its noticeable veins as much as possible. Given that it has veins in a range of colors, the brilliant white color is appropriate for most homeowners. Not all marble is created equal, despite what some knowledgeable marble sellers may suggest. The high demand for Calacatta marble is a result of numerous factors. One of them is the fact that Calacatta has been used in some of history's most illustrious structures, especially cathedrals and castles. Contractors and property owners typically associate Calacatta marble with high-end beauty because it is more white than the majority of marble on the market. 


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