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Ranthambore National Park lies in Rajasthan State, India. The park is known for it's rich biodiversity and its majestic wildlife. The park has an area of about 1,334 km2, and is popular among wildlife enthusiasts. Ranthambore’s tiger community is one of the most popular attractions during Ranthambore safari. This makes it an ideal place for a safari.

Tiger Territory – Exploring Tiger Territory

Ranthambore National Park houses a great number of Bengals tigers. This is an unforgettable experience to see them in their habitat. The undulating terrain in the park is filled with ancient ruins as well as dense forests. Ranthambore provides visitors with a unique opportunity to observe the beauty and grace that the tiger has.

Eye of the Tiger Safari

Eye of the Tiger, a renowned safari company in Ranthambore, is one of the most popular names when it's time to go on a Ranthambore safari. This renowned Safari Company has been operating in this region for many, many years. It is known for their commitment to wildlife conservation and for offering exceptional wildlife experiences. They offer different safari options such as canter safaris and jeeps safaris.

Jeep Safaris are a thrilling experience

Eye of the Tiger will take you on an open 4×4 safari to the heart of Ranthambore National Park. Using an open vehicle and guided by expert guides, you can experience the wildlife in a 4×4 on rugged terrain. This adventure will keep you on your toes as you bump down dusty tracks and feel the anticipation build with each turn. If you are lucky, a tiger may sneak up on you as it prowls through the undergrowth. Or other fascinating animals in their natural habitat.

Canter Safaris: A Group Expedition

Eye of the Tiger provides canter Safaris for groups larger than four. Canter tours accommodate more passengers and take place on larger vehicles. This allows for a better vantage of wildlife. The safari experience is still as thrilling, even though it may differ slightly from that of a jeep. Shared excitement and stories as you see wildlife with fellow safari-goers adds a sense camaraderie.

The Magic of Ranthambore – Beyond Tigers

Ranthambore boasts a variety of fascinating wildlife in addition to its tigers. During a safari, you can see sloths, leopards, crocodiles as well a wide variety of birds including the Indian Peafowl. Ranthambore's rich cultural heritage includes ancient forts. temples are nestled throughout the park. The result is a blend of history and wildlife.

Conservation Efforts for Responsible Tourism

Ranthambore National Park, in order to preserve its diverse ecology, has made major strides. Eye of the Tiger actively supports these conservation initiatives through responsible tourism. They emphasize that keeping a proper distance from wild animals is essential to their well-being and the habitat of the animals.


Ranthambore National Park's abundance of wildlife is sure to make it a fantastic destination for your safari adventure. Eye of the Tiger, whether you choose a thrilling Jeep safari or a canter group safari, offers you exceptional experiences. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Tiger territory. So grab your cameras and pack your bags to witness the majesty in Ranthambore. A true paradise for nature lovers.


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