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There have been many development's in the field of app development areas. With users developing apps has been never so easy before. app development hall also has always been a complex topic with increasing costs and development efforts. But now things has changed. with react-native entering the picture it is possible to develop apps using hybrid app development methodology. No one seemed it would be as easy as normal web development using the same Technologies that our web applications and the web. if you know CSS JavaScript in HTML you are on the right path towards learning hybrid app development using react native

 React-native has provided an opportunity to app developers and app designers by providing a variety of benefits that come with react native app development. App developers can now look forward to decreasing the cost of app development as well as putting little efforts to create new and innovative apps using react native app development Technology. With this piece of Technology path breaking changes have been done in the field of app development that not only is the task on the developers but also provides groundbreaking enhancements as well.

The following are some compelling reasons that proves that reactivity is the future of hybrid app development:

Hot Reloading

Hot reloading is such a feature that reused the efforts on the part of the developers, thereby enabling them to develop new and innovative apps with little effort. With hot reloading, the developer can see changes made to the code in real time without having to recompile the application. 

This saves precious developer time as the changes are visible to him in real time. developers can concentrate on making changes and updates to the app and will see the changes in real time being executed and produced on the app.

Same as Native Experience

Hybrid app development provide same type of app development experience that enables developers to create Apps that run on different platforms pretty easily and efficiently. It allows the user to have native app like experience as well as the compatibility of different platforms being provided to them. 

Developers can manage to develop apps that run as efficiently as native apps thus providing them with the view how these apps work. App development companies can look forward to developing hybrid apps using react native thus minimizing their cost and efforts that they put towards app development

Low Cost development

With the native app approach you need to develop two different apps using native technologies. This not only cost more but also increases the efforts on the part of developers. With hybrid app development using react native, the amount of cost incurred for developing apps is reduced drastically, not only this the efforts that they put for app development is also reduced on the part of developers. 

This provides app development companies with the low cost alternative towards developing apps that satisfy the user base and the target audience.

Develop for Multiple platforms

Using the hybrid app development approach that uses react native, app developers can develop for multiple platforms without worrying about the need for compatibility as well as standards adherence for app development. App developers can develop new and innovative apps pretty easily and efficiently that are able to run on native platforms such as Android and IOS pretty easily. With this approach app developers can solely concentrate on the app development effort that they put for developing innovative apps that meet the target market of the users. 

When app developers develop for multiple platforms they employ and use a single code base which runs as efficiently as native app development and provides the same kind of benefits as native applications.

Great Community support


React native community is ever growing and ever helpful in nature. Developers can ask questions and doubts regarding their programming issues and problems in the community forum as well as get answers to these questions at the same time. 

This provides an efficient way of providing resolutions to the queries posted by developers, and this solves the need for any kind of guidance needed by developers for developing apps.

Reusable components

React native promotes the use of reusable components that can be used for different kind of Apps. Because of reusability the efforts that need to be put by developers is reduced drastically and therefore this decreases the time required by the developers to develop the app safely and efficiently app developers and companies can concentrate on providing multitude benefits to the users, using react-native and provide new and innovative apps to these users. 

Companies must look forward to using react native native for the app development as this is a huge benefit to them which provides innovative ways and techniques for app development.


Because of the above benefits and reasons we feel that react-native is here to stay and provide new and innovative ways for app development. It can be rightly said that react native is indeed the future of hybrid app development. 


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