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You have purchased a home and perhaps after living for years on rent, there is a desire to call a place home. Now, as you are on the verge of moving in, there could be some concerns in mind regarding the need for a remodel. The experts have to say that if you can look for a home, which does not need any remodel, this is always better. These homes quote a slightly higher price for the outright buy, but in the long run, you end up saving money.

A perfect home is always tough to locate and despite showing a willingness to pay more, you will find it difficult to look for such a home. Hence, you may have conducted an extensive search but only drawn a blank. If you have to select a home with defects then one must look to book a property, which only requires renovation work.

The difference between renovation and remodel

As a non-professional one could be slightly confused on both these terms and you could be of the option that they are similar. However, this is the mistake, which not only you but plenty more homeowners end up making. There is a heaven hell difference between these two terms and a top name amid San Jose general contractors explained the details, He had to say that in a remodel, a professional will alter the structure and layout completely. It is a costly job and perhaps after a home purchase, you will not be able to afford it. A home renovation on the contrary is not about pulling down the structure. These are minor repair jobs and it will not cause much outflow of cash. Therefore, if you can find such a home, it will always be better.

The remodel is costly and will take more time

The contractors explained that a remodel is not only costly but will also take more time. The changing of the structural layout involves a lot more work and hence it is bound to be time- consuming. They had to say that if your home needs a remodel, it is best to live in it for a while and then prepare the exercise. This suggestion could sound a bit awkward but there are strong reasons to suggest on these lines.

  • It is only once you live in it, there is scope to know the faulty areas. No amount of inspection can throw up the defects present in a home.
  • Does natural light reach every room in the home? You might just desire a window at some specific point and these are experiences, which will only come to the forefront, once you live in the space.
  • Which are the rooms that will need adequate storage? Once again a survey of the space will not throw up these answers.
  • Are you looking for a phased remodel? It could be due to budget concerns and only after you live in it, there is scope to identify the place to start.

These are some reasons for the professional to suggest that you first live in it and then plan a remodel. You get a better idea of the defects and it will be easy for you to communicate with the contractor.


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