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As far as the mid-size car Atez is concerned, even the domestic version has not undergone major changes in 6 years, and it is clearly unable to do so when facing equally young rivals such as the Accord and Camry. Sedan CX-5 is also not much better. Although a new generation was released in 2017, the core has not changed, but the design has been upgraded, which cannot really be called a replacement. In short, the product cycle is too long, for a relatively niche brand, it is even more deadly.

But Mazda seems to have its own abacus to play. Previously, the new generation of Atez had been exposed to be built using the latest rear-drive platform and equipped with an inline six-cylinder engine. This news also caused a shock in the industry. News came out not long ago that the next-generation CX-5 will also be built on the rear-drive platform and will also use a new inline six-cylinder engine. In addition, CX-5 is likely to be renamed CX-50.

There is no doubt that the future of Atez and CX-50 products will be more powerful, but at the same time prices will also rise, but this seems to be more certain information, Mazda wants to use this new rear-drive platform and The in-line six-cylinder power and these two new cars have truly entered the high-end market, revealing their ambitions.

Relying on the control of the unity of man and horse, Mazda has always been known as the Dongying BMW among the people, which is the recognition of Mazda. But in terms of brand power, Mazda is still quite far away from reaching the height of BMW. Now, with the rear-drive platform and the support of the six-cylinder engine, Mazda can be considered even more powerful, which also contributes to the enhancement of brand value.

In fact, as early as 2018, Mazda executives publicly stated that they would not participate in the price war and hope that through value marketing, consumers can understand the value of Mazda's products. And Mazda is gradually improving its brand effect and transforming into a second-tier luxury brand. At the beginning of this year, Japanese media also suddenly leaked news that Mazda will not make major changes or release new cars before March 2022.

All of this is accumulating power for this rear-drive platform and the in-line six-cylinder engine. Most of Mazda's current energy is focused on this point. The end result is to accelerate Mazda's transformation into luxury.

In the future, whether it can become the fourth Japanese luxury brand besides Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti, or even a real Japanese BMW, we are also looking forward to it. For car fans, they must also want to see it.

Source: Wapcar


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