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Is There Any Connection Between Diabetes & Oral Health?

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People with diabetes who have irregular blood glucose levels have a higher risk of tooth problems & gum disease than people without diabetes. Diabetic people very well know that this disease can harm their eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart & other important systems in the body but did you know, “diabetes can also cause problems in your mouth?” Because diabetes can reduce blood supply to the area, you are more likely to have oral health problems such as cavities and infections of the gums and bones that hold your teeth in place. The Best Dental Clinic in Kitchener wants to ensure your good daily oral health and is going to examine the connection between diabetes & oral health. 


Discover the Connection Between Diabetes & Oral Health


People with diabetes are more prone to dental conditions like gum diseases, diabetic breath, dry mouth, developing fungal infections & unhealthy levels of blood sugar. 


  • Diabetic people are more triggered by mouth infections like gum disease which damages the bone & gum that hold your teeth in place.


  • Diabetes gives diabetics bad breath reason being, rapid bacteria growth is caused by high blood sugar levels. 


  • Patients with diabetes can experience dry mouth, loss of taste buds, yeast infection & ulcers.


People with diabetes are more likely to develop fungal infections because their immune systems are compromised.


  • Poorly controlled diabetes can slow the healing process after dental surgery or other dental procedure because blood flow to the affected area is restricted.


What are the Problems that Occur When Diabetes is Left Untreated?


  • You may experience dry mouth or may have less saliva.


  • Gums may become inflamed & bleed often.


  • You may suffer from bad taste or problems tasting food.


  • Delayed wound healing is one of the symptoms when diabetes is left untreated.


  • For kids or children, teeth may erupt at an age earlier than is typical. 

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You need to take dental care seriously to prevent damage to your teeth & gums. Get a dental checkup at the Best Dental Clinic in Kitchener at Benton Dental Clinic every 6 months. Let our dentists know that you have diabetes, what medicines you take & get the best personalised dental care for you & your family.


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