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Before you begin to work on the unlocking of your Amazon Account Locked you need to keep in mind 3Ps which are as follows:

1) Persistence: You may need to send a few words and know not to take no for an answer.

2) Pressure: You need to be so annoying that you pressurize Amazon to notice you and act.

3) Patience: It can take time (sometimes 1-2 weeks) for your account to be unlocked.

Now, let us peek at the reasons behind the unlocking of your Amazon Account!

1) Failed Credit Card Verification: If you had an Amazon Account Locked earlier, you may enter false billing details or use your friend's credit card while opening a new account. It might seem like a smart move at the time, but it usually declares to be very different. You see, when you add a credit card to your Amazon account, they will check if the billing address registered with your card provider is the same as the default address on your Amazon account.

2) Suspicious Gift card Activity: Dropshippers love buying gift cards to buy objects. But to Amazon, gift cards are similar to money on their platform, so they have to watch them strictly. Purchasing and redeeming large gift cards can seem extreme. Therefore, Amazon will want to confirm your reasons for it.

3) Using Multiple IP addresses in different locations: Signing in your Amazon account in one place, then doing a lot of shopping with an IP address in another place can make Amazon start to think that someone has hacked your account. Amazon, then, may block your account.

4) High Value of Returns: If your volume of returns is high, expect to see your Amazon Account Locked.

There are two methods through which you can unlock your Amazon account:

  • If you speak to an account specialist directly on the phone, a specialist will call you and solve your query.
  • If you communicate with a supervisor and manage to confirm all the details they ask from you

How to Use AliExpress Dropshipping Centre Correctly?

AliExpress Dropshipping Centre has three features, and these are free!

1) Find hot-selling products: You want products that will bring you profit. To choose the best product, you should consider the following factors: Keyword, Product Category, Shipping & Delivery Countries, Minimum & maximum price, and Delivery time.

2) Carry out the product analysis. For instance, iPhone X mobile cases. To start using it, get the URL of your product and paste it in the « Product Analysis » part and you will get the results.

To activate AliExpress Dropshipping follow the simple steps:

  • Place enough orders on AliExpress: You have to place as many orders as you can to activate your AliExpress Dropshipping.
  • Adds an application supported by AliExpress: There are Add DSers and Shop Master users. DSers are for importing products.
  • Access to this link and accepts the terms of use: This may or may not be enough, but you can always try.

To end with, unlocking your Amazon Account Locked is easy. You have to be super-patient with yourself as well as with Amazon. Just open the Amazon Prime Account Login page and start working.


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