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Is Your AOL Mail Not Working?

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Anyone of a particular age certainly has great memories of their catchphrase “You've got mail!”
Even if being old can be a sign of being tried-and-true and dependable, very few software applications are without any problems, especially if they have received numerous upgrades over the years. Let's examine some typical AOL Mail Not Working issues and their fixes now.

Why You Might Experience AOL Issues 

You might be able to resolve any AOL Mail hangups by first addressing the problems that come with using webmail programmes. The most typical ones are as follows:

Poor Internet Connection 

This should always be the first item you check because sending and receiving emails always require some sort of network. To determine whether the issue is with AOL Mail or the Internet in general, try out several websites and run your operating system's diagnostic tests.

Incorrect Mail Account Settings

AOL Mail offers its own set of setup settings for each mail account, much like any other webmail programme. You can experience a problem with connectivity between your inbox and the email provider due to account setup mistakes like a typo or an SMTP port error.

Not Receiving AOL Mail Emails

Here’s what you can do when you aren’t receiving emails, even when the sent mail has been confirmed on the other end:

1. Check Email Filters

2. Check the Spam/Junk Folders

3. Check Your Blacklist

4. Check the Server Settings (IMAP/POP3) 

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