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Relying too much on their smell sense is a key indicator of eyesight issues in dogs. Any sense that a dog loses is quickly replaced by other ones. Since dogs have such a good sense of scent, losing their sight—whether partially or completely—won't have a very severe long-term effect on their life.

There are instances, nevertheless, in which a dog who just lost his sight may experience confusion and exhibit certain behavioral issues. But gradually canines will perform a lot of smelling to assist him to move around, making up for his lack of eyesight with the support of his fur parents and after a time of adjustment.

Pain or irritability in the eyes is another sign that a dog may have a vision issue. Despite being completely painless, some eye disorders can result in partial or total blindness. Other issues, though, could cause discomfort or annoyance. Squinting, excessive blinking, scratching on the eyes, or wiping their snout and eyes on the wall or other objects are all symptoms that pet owners should watch out for in their dog's eyes. Your vets Crown Point, IN can assist you to identify the cause so that the appropriate measures can be done to address it.


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